Updated standings projections

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Very little movement on the whole; Buffalo’s percentages have cooled off heavily while they’ve lost several in a row and Boston has rattled off several wins to climb back into the projected playoffs (barely) and drive up the playoff cutoff substantially. The Maple Leafs have been playing much better but losing, in an unusually neat counterpoint of luck to earlier in the season when they rarely had the puck but won often.


Even more sedate, very few teams are more than a point or two different than a fortnight ago. The capitals have showed the steadiest gain, putting together a sequence of wins on the back of above-average control of the puck. The islanders, who have the most dominant possession stats in the east, are the class of the division.


Minnesota’s triple calamity of falling save percentage, shooting percentage, and puck possession has them falling steadily and one wonders how much worse it can possibly get. Most of the other teams putter along as expected, although Nashville have creeped up steadily and are now the main President’s Trophy threat in the west.


The Kings have the best possession stats in the league recently, after an inexplicably bad start. The Coyotes and Oilers continue to drift off into oblivion, and the selloff in Arizona may have started in earnest with trading Devan Dubnyk for a third round pick. The most interesting set of teams to watch is Vancouver/San Jose/Los Angeles, all of whom seem reasonably comfortable above the playoff cutoff but will jostle amongst themselves (and Winnipeg) for seeding.

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