NHL Shot Data

These spreadsheets contain a detailed record for every shot taken in a season as well as a record of every player who was on the ice for each event.

2013/2014 Regular Season (updated March 28th)

2012/2013 Regular Season & Playoffs


Shot Table

  • WP” is the current win probability of the team shooting (to calculate the win probability of the opposing team all you have to do is 1-WP)
  • WPA is the win probability added from the goal scored.
  • “LI” is the leverage index of the current game state. Leverage is calculated as the percentage in win probability could change based on a goal being scored at that very moment.
  • The score and faceoffzone columns are oriented from the side of the team taking the shot.
  • Seconds into play is the amount of seconds it has been since the last stoppage of play.

Player Table

  • The player table has an individual record of every players participation in every shot he was on the ice for. You can link the two tables together through the “GameEventID” column.**
  • “OnLastFaceoff” indicates if he has been on the ice since the last faceoff (1) or if he has come in on the fly since then (0)

** as an example, putĀ =VLOOKUP(A2,Shots!D:R,15,FALSE) into a column in the player table to return the type of shot



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