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December 7, 2012, 10:28 AM ET

Appearance on The War Room: Is a 48 or 60 game season legit?

by Timo Seppa

Yesterday morning, back when everyone was hopeful about CBA negotiations (remember that?) I appeared on NHL Network Radio’s The War Room with Mick Kern and Peter Berce.

Listen here.

As there’s been plenty of talk recently about what constitutes a reasonable length regular season (e.g. P.K. Subban) I took a quick look at the first and last 48 and 60 games of last season (since it’s fresh in our minds). This is very similar to what our Matt Coller did in his recent article. For your reference, as you listen, if you only played:

First 48 games of 2011-12

Eastern Conference would have the same eight teams, though Toronto would almost be in. In the West, Minnesota would have been in and Phoenix out.

Last 48 games of 2011-12

Carolina and Buffalo in; Boston and Florida out. Anaheim and Calgary in; Chicago and San Jose out. This was the biggest difference.

First 60 games of 2011-12

Toronto in; Washington out. Western teams would have been the same.

Last 60 games of 2011-12

Eastern teams would have been the same, Calgary in and San Jose out. Colorado and Los Angeles tied for eighth on points.

We also touched on the Hockey Prospectus 2012-13 book, of course, mentioning Rob Vollman’s Player Usage Charts as well as talking about my “Beyond Power Play Percentage” essay in some depth.

If we ever have a season, it sounds like I’ll be able to return for a full hour preview show.

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