TOI%: Percentage of total team ice time player was on ice for.

Passes: (Assists / 1.7) * on-ice teammate sh%. Created by Rob Vollman

PSR: Pass to shot ratio. (Passes/Shots) Created by Rob Vollman

Corsi: All shot attempts. Goals, saves, ,missed shots and blocked shots.

Fenwick: All shot attempts minus blocked shots.

CF%, FF%,and GF%: Attempts for / total attempts.

Relative (Rel.) Differential Stats: The differential relative to his team's differential while player is off ice.

Value Stats: It's the amount of corsi, fenwick, and goals that player has contributed above or below the team baseline while on-ice. Relative differential stat * total events.

Sh%: Shooting percentage. Shots / Goals

TM Sh%: Teammate shooting percentage. Shooting% of player's team besides him while on ice.

Sv%: On-ice save percentage. (Shots - Goals) / Shots

PDO: (On-ice shooting percentage + on-ice sv%) * 1000

OZ%: Offensive zone start percentage. (OZS / (OZS+DZS))

ICP: Percentage of team on-ice shot attempts that player shot.

IGP: Percentage of team on-ice goals that player scored.

IPP: Percentage of team on-ice goals that player recorded a point in.

Block%: Percentage of team blocked shots player blocked.

L/T Ratio: Percentage of ice time player plays leading relative to trailing. (Leading TOI / (Trailing TOI + Leading TOI)