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Week ending on Tuesday, April 10 2012.


Tuesday, April 10

NHL Playoffs, First Round: Boston Bruins vs. Washington Capitals

by Matthew Coller

The defending Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins are miles ahead of the underachieving Washington Capitals by GVT. But is there an argument for the series being closer than it looks on the surface?

NHL Playoffs, First Round: Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Philadelphia Flyers

by Tom Awad

Not only is Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia the marquee matchup of the first round based on talent, the animosity between the two bitter rivals makes for must-see theatre.

Monday, April 9

NHL Playoffs, First Round: Phoenix Coyotes vs. Chicago Blackhawks

by Robert Vollman

Mike Smith's incredible season culminated in a fantastic final two weeks that saw him top the NHL in GVT. Can his Cinderella ride continue, taking the Coyotes/Jets franchise past the opening round for the first time since 1986-87? The star-studded Blackhawks, one year removed from hoisting the Stanley Cup, stand in their way.

NHL Playoffs, First Round: Nashville Predators vs. Detroit Red Wings

by Robert Vollman

It's inexperience vs. experience, even strength and puck possession success vs. special teams success.

Friday, April 6

Angles and Caroms: Florida's Paper Resurgence

by Jonathan Willis

The Panthers are on the verge of entering the postseason as the three seed in the Eastern Conference, but have they really improved?

Thursday, April 5

Zamboni Tracks: Not Singing The Blues Anymore

by Ryan Wagman

Reasons behind the big improvement for the Blues.

Wednesday, April 4

As Easy As CBA: Divide And Conquer

by Ryan Schwepfinger

Why revenue sharing is the most pressing issue in the next CBA.

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