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April 21, 2010
From Daigle To Datsyuk
The NHL's Top 100 Prospects

by Corey Pronman


While many teams and fans are starting to turn their attention to the upcoming NHL Entry Draft in Los Angeles, let's not forget the prospects that are already in each team's system. Everyone is trying to figure out whether Taylor Hall or Tyler Seguin will be chosen with the first overall selection this June. However, until the playoffs are over with, let's focus our efforts on ranking the top talents that have already been drafted, yet are still considered prospects. Which prospect deserves to be first, which players have moved up and down on this list and are there any surprises? Let's take a look.

NHL Top 100 Prospects

1. Nikita Filatov, Left Wing- Columbus Blue Jackets

Bio: Drafted in the 1st round, 6th overall in 2008 by Columbus out of CSKA Moscow. In the 08-09 World Juniors, led the tournament in goals, plus-minus and was on the Bronze medal winning Russia team. Currently playing in the KHL after being put on loan by the Blue Jackets.

Report: Filatov possesses some of the softest hands around and has a knack for possessing the puck. In the offensive zone he is unstoppable, making a large amount of plays and has very good sense on the attack. Great skater with a feared shot, Filatov is the true offensive package.

Why #1: Filatov sits at the top of my list because I truly feel he has the highest upside and ability to reach that potential out of all these players. If Filatov sticks in the NHL, he is the kind of offensive player who will be a perennial All-Star. This is no disrespect to names like Pietrangelo, Hodgson or Eberle whose upsides I love as well; but Filatov has that extra something to his game. I never want to use the word ďeliteĒ for a guy who hasnít really done all that much in the NHL, but thatís the kind of potential weíre discussing with Filatov. With all of the other prospects on this list, thereís not many who I can look at and be highly confident that they will develop into a superstar.

Statistics: 26 GP 9 G 13 A- CSKA Moscow KHL

2. Alex Pietrangelo, Defense- St. Louis Blues

Bio: Drafted in the 1st round, 4th overall by St. Louis in 2008 from Niagara of the OHL. Was named the World Juniors best defenseman this past tournament on the Silver Medal Canadian team. Won a Gold Medal the previous year and has made three straight Third All-Star OHL teams.

Report: Smooth is the best way to describe Pietrangeloís game. For such a large man he is an amazing and blessed skater with a very easy stride. He is very calm with the puck on the stick and is a smart distributor. Offensively he can be terrifying to opponents; he can lead the rush and blow by defending players, he can wind up and blast a rocket or draw traffic and dish to the open man. Pietrangelo has also made great strides in developing his defensive game and will be a feared player to deal with at the NHL level. Could stand to be more physical.

Why # 2: When doing these rankings the big debate in my mind was between Alex and Nikita. Now if this was an Entry Draft the Russian factor may come into effect, but itís not. And while I love Pietrangelo and all the things he brings to the table, I donít see the very high level of offensive upside that he would need to surpass Filatov. That shouldn't be taken as a negative against him; heís at #2 for a reason. Heís going to be good, real good. As the best defenseman not in the NHL (even though heís had several stints), he is going to bring many elements to a Blues backend and will be a key cog in their franchiseís future.

Statistics: 25 GP 9 G 20 A- Barrie Colts OHL

3. Cody Hodgson, Center- Vancouver Canucks

Bio: Drafted in the 1st round, 10th overall in 2008 by Vancouver out of Brampton in the OHL. Suffered a serious back injury this year that derailed much of his season. Leading scorer of the World Juniors in 08-09, World Junior Gold Medal, 08-09 CHL Player of the Year, OHL Sportsmanlike Player of the Year, OHL Most Outstanding Player and more.

Report: A very solid all-around player, it is hard to find a glaring fault in Codyís game. An extremely smart skate in both ends of the rink and an ace at faceoffs. Hodgson also is a dangerous offensive player with great hands who can create many chances and is a feared goal-scorer. Can be put into any role and excel at it.

Why #3: I like Hodgson, I like him a lot. I like how he can play at both ends very well, I like his scoring output, I like his smarts and I like how all these qualities will probably translate into a long, successful pro career. I like him so much that I almost placed him in front of Pietrangelo. The only thing that really held him back was the back injury. He came back and played very well after his recovery, but a back injury for a kid his age is scary and as time goes on weíll see if it resurfaces or not. Also while he does a lot very well, I would like to see a higher level of skating ability if he's going to elevate into the top two. Having said that, he's still a solid skater.

Statistics: 13 GP 8 G 12 A- Brampton Battalion OHL

4. Jordan Eberle, Center- Edmonton Oilers

Bio: Drafted in the 1st round, 22nd overall by Edmonton out of the Regina Pats in the WHL. Was named the MVP of the past World Juniors tournament and is widely acclaimed for his many clutch goals in the past two tournaments.

Report: Is a born goal-scorer and has all the elements that you would dream up in a high-level scorer. Quick release, soft hands, able to find open space and finds ways to end up with the puck on his stick on top of a very hard and accurate shot. His lack of size may hamper him from standings in the high percentage areas at the NHL level unless he can really handle the abuse.

Why # 4: Eberle comes in at the number four spot in these rankings because of his potential scoring ability. Between nearly anyone he is the safest best to one day post 30+ goals at the NHL level on an annual basis. Heís been a scorer very consistently throughout his pre-pro career and the reason heís behind Hodgson is because he doesnít have the extra elements to his game that Cody has. It also helps that he's a very smart skater.

Statistics: 57 GP 50 G 56 A- Regina Pats WHL

5. Brayden Schenn, Center- Los Angeles Kings

Bio: Drafted in the 1st round, 5th overall in 2009 by Los Angeles out of Brandon in the WHL.

Report: Brayden Schenn is a beast and difficult to play against for the opposition. He comes at people hard with an unmatchable work ethic and drive which he pairs with a good skillset and offensive abilities. Schenn has some legs and is very hard to move off the puck and excels at the battles in the corners. He couples these abilities with great hockey sense that allows him to create a ton of scoring opportunities for himself and his linemates. His skating is his one ailment, but the overall package is strong.

Why #5: Choosing between Schenn and Eberle was a minor debate. Reason why Jordan ended up at four was due to a higher upside, because while I do like the offense Schenn brings to the table, itís not quite sufficient enough. He may one day end up as the #1 center for the Kings since he has fantastic tools, but his skating ability may hold him back and turn him into a very good #2 center. Either way heís going to be a valuable asset and leader for his franchise.

Statistics: 59 GP 34 G 65 A- Brandon Wheat Kings WHL

6. Jacob Markstrom, Goalie- Florida Panthers

Bio: Drafted in the 2nd round, 31st overall in 2008 by Florida out of Brynas in the SEL. Led the SEL in 09-10 in GAA and SV%, and was named the SEL Goalie and Rookie of the year. Has a World Junior Bronze, Silver and 08-09 World Junior Best Goalie award.

Report: Markstrom is an imposing figure in the crease. At 6í4 and 185 lbs., Markstrom takes up a ton of space in the net and leaves shooters with very little to deal with. Very calm between the goalposts with subtle movements and very precise positioning. His ability to neutralize scoring chances can frustrate an opposing offense.

Why # 6: Iíll be the first to admit Iím not a fan of putting goalies high on any sort of prospect list. Mainly because goalies are very hard to develop and can go either way. Markstrom however is a very special kind of goalie. What heís accomplished in Sweden and on the International stage are accolades not seen since Carey Price. His tools are very unique and his roof is high. The Panthers may continue to be spoiled by great goaltending. The reason he comes in at six is, while he was elite enough to be near the top of this list, there is some uncertainty in him reaching his potential (not substantial doubt, but some nevertheless mainly due to regular reasons surrounding goaltenders). This is enough for him to fall to six.

Statistics: 43 GP 2.01 GAA .927 SV %- Brynas SEL

7. Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson, Left Wing- Edmonton Oilers

Bio: Drafted in the 1st round, 10th overall by Edmonton in 2009. Has won a medal in three straight World Juniors, having two Silvers and one Bronze in his cabinet.

Report: The first thing you notice when you watch Magnus play is he can skate, very well. His ability to go from a standstill to top speed is amazing and that top speed is very good. He can push defenders back and create space for him to dangle. Can snipe goals with a great shot or create. Very high offensive roof.

Why #7: If you asked me to rank his potential, I may have Magnus a couple of spots higher, because the talent he possesses definitely has an elite ceiling. The thing with him though is he needs to prove that he can reach that ceiling. That means showing success for a longer period of time, and doing it in the North American game. This doesnít mean I donít think he's capable of reaching his potential, and I will gladly bump him up the list when I have more confidence that he can be that high-end weapon in the NHL. I just need to see it next year, which will be a key season for Paajarvi-Svensson.

Statistics: 49 GP 12 G 17 A- Timra SEL

8. John Carlson, Defense- Washington Capitals

Bio: Drafted in the 1st round, 27th overall in 2008 by Washington out of Indiana in the USHL. Scored the OT winner in the Gold Medal World Junior game versus Canada this year and was named to the 09-10 World Junior All-Star Team. In 08-09 was named to the OHL Second All-Star Team.

Report: A very talented offensive defenseman, Carlson has no fears in leading the rush and has a great stride. Carlson is very confident with the puck on his stick, is able to create plays and has a wicked shot. He is not a liability in his own end and is very physical along the end boards making him feared on both sides of the ice.

Why #8: After Paajarvi-Svensson I believe the offensive potential drops a notch, but not too far with John Carlson. He may not be a Pietrangelo, but Carlson has a great skillset that will translate well to the NHL. Heís dominated the AHL this year and the fact that he can contribute a good amount of offense and maintain his position in his own zone immediately puts him into the top ten. His tools are what place him above Couture and Ekman-Larsson.

Statistics: 48 GP 4 G 35 A- Hershey AHL

9. Logan Couture, Center- San Jose Sharks

Bio: Drafted in the 1st round, 9th overall in 2007 by San Jose out of Ottawa in the OHL. Was named to the 09-10 AHL All-Rookie Team.

Report: A very well-rounded player. He brings a lot of toughness to his game as well as good two-way ability. Has some good offensive potential and is reliable in many aspects of the offensive game.

Why #9: I placed Couture at nine because of the offensive talet he can bring as well as the consistency of his game. His OHL career was extremely productive and at every level he plays at he's able to contribute positively in both ends of the ice. He wonít blow you away with dazzling skill but he is smart, works hard and finds way to create output. If it wasnít for Thornton heíd be a lock to slide into the #1 center role for San Jose in the future. His skills donít blow me away like Paajarvi-Svensson, but he can be a better contributor than someone like Colin Wilson.

Statistics: 42 GP 20 G 33 A- Worcester AHL

10. Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Defense- Phoenix Coyotes

Bio: Drafted in the 1st round, 6th overall in 2009 by Phoenix out of Leksand in the Allsvenkanen league.

Report: Ekman-Larsson has a ton of tools that will be desirable in the pro game. He already has a high level shot, but he needs to find ways to get in positions to use it more. He has the skating and vision to be able to rush and push the puck up. The defenseman needs to smooth out some parts of his games, specifically his defensive game and decision-making but heís made strides in both. The former 1st round prospect's combination of size, skating and puck skills makes him a desirable asset though.

Why #10: Oliver has a ton of potential with his tools, but being able to be the go-to guy in the North American pro game will be the next major hurdle he needs to face which he did to some extent in this yearís World Junior Championship. Also while his tools may very well translate to high-end offensive production, he hasn't shown that offensive ability on a consistent enough basis. That being said, Ekman-Larsson has so much going for him that he slides into the tail-end of the top ten due to his great potential.

Statistics: 42 GP 9 G 18 A- Leksand Allsv

11. Colin Wilson, Center- Nashville Predators

Bio: Drafted in the 1st round, 7th overall in 2008 by Nashville out of Boston University.

Report: A big man and strong as an ox, Wilson brings a power-forward like game to the forefront. Very competitive player who can log a ton of minutes in many situations. Is able to skate well which is his main offensive weapon along with good hockey sense that has allowed him to be a major offensive player in the NCAA. Great defensive ability and will become a favorite weapon of Barry Trotz soon enough.

Why #11: Like with Brayden Schenn, Wilson has a lot of offensive potential, but he's not at the level of an Ekman-Larsson or Couture. As we get further down the list (and especially at the 60-70 range) the differences start becoming more and more minute. However at this point while Wilson does have some offensive upside, itís his lack of finesse and NHL level puck skills that make me wary of what he can do at the highest level offensively. Note I said wary and not doubting. His awesome physical stature and defensive ability are what places him at this spot.

Statistics: 40 GP 13 G 21 A- Milwaukee AHL

12. Calvin de Haan, Defense- New York Islanders

Bio: Drafted in the 1st round, 12th overall by the New York Islanders out of Oshawa in the OHL.

Report: The talented rearguard is a born powerplay quarterback. He has tremendous skating ability which allows him to lead the rush and establish pressure in the offensive zone. Has great vision and consistently makes smart and high-quality dishes. Needs to get stronger to handle pro forwards but has some good defensive smarts to help make up for it at times.

Why #12: Some may raise an eyebrow to see Calvin ranked so high. He has some cons against him, his physical maturity for a defenseman could be better, he just suffered a major shoulder injury and his shot could be better. However, with the cons come the kind of pros that show that De Haan could be a very effective player at the professional level. A high level skating ability, coupled with vision, patience and puck distributions skills as well as a great amount of hockey sense could make Islanders fans very happy in 3-4 years. De Haan has come a long way in the last two years and I expect him to continue curving up. Look for De Haan to have a significant role on Team Canada next Christmas.

Statistics: 34 GP 5 G 19 A- Oshawa OHL

13. Kyle Turris, Center- Phoenix Coyotes

Bio: Drafted in the 1st round, 3rd overall in 2007 by Phoenix out of Burnaby in the BCHL.

Report: A blessed hockey player. Turris has some absolutely lavishing tools. Has great size, is a very good and shifty skater, has soft hands and a deadly shot. His offensive package is very high-end. Where he has trouble at times is with the physical aspect of the game and could have better decision-making at times.

Why #13: While in an ideal world, every 3rd overall pick is in the NHL the next year putting up numbers like Matt Duchene, thatís not how it always works, and itís not necessarily a bad thing. Still sitting at 20 years of age, Turris still has all the upside in the world. There have been obvious roadblocks along the way, hence the demotion this year to the AHL as he still has some maturing and learning to do before he can take the next step in the NHL. Itís some of these question marks surrounding him that keep him out of the top 10, but not too far out. I like his chances of fulfilling his potential a little more than Kadri.

Statistics: 76 GP 24 G 39 A- San Antonio AHL

14. Nazem Kadri, Center- Toronto Maple Leafs

Bio: Drafted in the 1st round, 7th overall by Toronto in 2009 out of London in the OHL.

Report: A very shifty and talented forward. Is quick and relentless on the forecheck and is difficult to play against for opponents. Doesnít have one particular offensive tool that wows you, but a very well-rounded player with good puck skills, skating ability and anticipation. Can be effective as a center or on the wing.

Why #14: What a year for Kadri since last June, from being drafted 7th overall to playing on the first line for Team Canada to absolutely dominating the OHL in the second half and in the playoffs (7 goals and 22 points in 8 games)! He may not have the highest of ceilings, but Kadri has the kind of head, and simple, yet skilled game that will translate to pro success. There were a lot of question marks at this time last year around him. He was too selfish, made bad decisions and more, but heís answered a lot of his critics this season and was a leader for the Knights.

Statistics: 56 GP 35 G 58 A- London OHL

15. Luca Sbisa, Defense- Anaheim Ducks

Bio: Drafted in the 1st round, 18th overall in 2008 by Philadelphia out of Lethbridge in the WHL. Captained the Swiss team at the most recent World Juniors and played for Switzerland at the Vancouver Olympics.

Report: Sbisa plays a very simple, yet very effective game on the blueline. He has tremendous instincts in both ends of the rink and he picks his spots near perfectly on when to rush and when to defend. When he does choose to rush he is very dangerous, with high-end skating and puckhandling abilities but he couples this with defensive and PK prowess.

Why #15: Sbisa is another case of a player who flashes potential star offensive talent but not enough on a consistent basis. Heís definitely a talented puck-handler and while he at times has lapses in his own zone heís pretty reliable and it will be something he can gain with age as he matures. He already has plenty of NHL and International experience the last two seasons. I place him at a safe 15 on the rankings, but heís an offensive breakout away from climbing a few spots. Not the same upside of an Ekman-Larsson, but much more well-rounded.

Statistics: 12 GP 3 G 2 A- Portland WHL, 17 GP 1 G 12 A- Lethbridge WHL

16. Joe Colborne, Center- Boston Bruins

Bio: Drafted in the 1st round, 16th overall by Boston in 2008 out of Camrose in the AJHL.

Report: A good overall offensive player in a fully grown body. Colborne is a strong man with the ability to produce offense in a various number of ways. Talented skater, playmaker and scorer, not the highest end of upsides but can definitely become a first line player. Could use his size to more of an advantage.

Why #16: Thereís a lot of good things to like about Colborne. Not that much of a glaring weakness in his game and heís a big body who creates offense. He sits at 16 not because I think he will be a world-destroyer in the NHL, but because heís a solid bet to develop into his potential whereas someone like Wiercioch may have a higher ceiling but is also a greater risk.

Statistics: 39 GP 22 G 19 A- Denver NCAA

17. Patrick Wiercioch, Defense- Ottawa Senators

Bio: Drafted in the 2nd round, 42nd overall in 2008 by Ottawa out of Omaha in the USHL. Was named to the 09-10 WCHA First All-Star Team and to the 08-09 WCHA All-Rookie Team.

Report: An extremely skilled puck-mover, his passing skills are very advanced and he consistently makes plays. Has a good frame and as he gets stronger and fills into his frame it will just make him better in his own end.

Why #17: Probably one of the most controversial players in these rankings, Wiercioch has a great amount of NHL potential and could turn into one of the leagueís deadliest powerplay quarterbacks. He needs to get better in his own end, thus the uncertainty of what he will develop into. However, historically players who can both skate well and think like Wiercioch can are able to pick up their defensive game, especially those with size. He sits at 17 mainly because of the question marks in his game. However, if he addresses those uncertainties, he would then slide into the top 10.

Statistics: 39 GP 6 G 21 A- Denver NCAA

18. P.K. Subban, Defense- Montreal Canadiens

Bio: Drafted in the 2nd round, 43rd overall by Montreal in 2007 out of Belleville in the OHL. Named to the 09-10 AHL All-Rookie Team, the 08-09 World Juniors All-Star Team, and the 08-09 OHL First All-Star Team.

Report: Subban has blessed skating abilities and can reach top speeds with ease. Loves to rush with the puck and can create offense with a sense of flash. Very active feet on the powerplay and is a very risky player.

Why #18: Out of any defenseman in the top 20, noone has higher potential than P.K. Subban outside of Pietrangelo and Carlson. The thing with Subban is that he will both impress you during the course of a hockey game, as well as do something that makes you shake your head in dismay. If only he would think before doing some of the things he does. Subban has improved his defensive game by a decent margin since being drafted. However, his decision making still lags behind his other skills and itís for this reason why he slides down as a question mark to 18.

Statistics: 77 GP 18 G 35 A- Hamilton AHL

19. Taylor Beck, Left Wing- Nashville Predators

Bio: Drafted in the 3rd round, 70th overall by Nashville in 2009 out of Guelph in the OHL.

Report: Beck is a power forward who uses his size and strength well to establish himself in the offensive zone. Hard worker and aware on the ice, Beck has a simple yet very effective game. He can make the basic offensive plays but also go a little beyond that every here and there. Heís always around the net and is a good physical player with advanced defensive awareness. Could be a better skater.

Why #19: Hard to put a hard-working power forward into a top 20-30 range who isnít blessed with crafty hands, a blistering shot or blazing speed, but Taylor Beck is a nice combination of things that could go a long way for him. Heís smart, heís tough and can outmuscle people and he has a penchant for scoring. Anyone who watched Beck this year will attest to these positives. His skating may hold him back, but he has legitimate scoring potential and could end up being one of those guys who makes a living in the high percentage areas which is something he does well. He sits at 19 mainly because of Wiercioch and Subbanís offensive ceilings.

Statistics: 61 GP 39 G 54 A- Guelph Storm OHL

20. Travis Hamonic, Defense- New York Islanders

Bio: Drafted in the 2nd round, 53rd overall by the New York Islanders in 2008 out of Moose Jaw in the WHL.

Report: Another case of a player who isnít overly flashy, but gets the results at the end of every game. Hamonic has some puck-moving skills; heís tough, intimidating and very defensively sound. He sees the game very well and itís one of the main reasons why heís been able to rack up the kind of points he has the last two years along with a shot that has gotten steadily better.

Why #20: Hamonic has steadily risen up the ranks the last year or two and itís to the point where I think he may be a legitimate top four defenseman in the near future for the Islanders. I donít think heís going to be putting up 50 points in the NHL, but he does so many little things well and has a very well-rounded game on the backend and is developed to the point where he can make the professional transition pretty well. He may not have the upside of Glennie or skills of Ennis, but he will be a solid player.

Statistics: 31 GP 10 G 29 A- Moose Jar Warriors WHL

The Rest:

21.	Scott Glennie, Right Wing- Dallas Stars
22.	Tyler Ennis, Center- Buffalo Sabres
23.	Evgeny Grachev, Left Wing- New York Rangers
24.	Kyle Beach, Left Wing- Chicago Blackhawks
25.	Derek Stepan, Center- New York Rangers
26.	Marco Scandella, Defense- Minnesota Wild
27.	Jordan Schroeder, Center- Vancouver Canucks
28.	Tim Erixson, Defense- Calgary Flames
29.	Stefan Elliot, Defense- Colorado Avalanche
30.	Zach Boychuk, Center- Carolina Hurricanes

31.	Jonathan Bernier, Goalie- Los Angeles Kings
32.	Peter Holland, Center- Anaheim Ducks
33.	Cameron Gaunce, Defense- Colorado Avalanche
34.	Brendan Smith, Defense- Detroit Red Wings
35.	Chris Kreider, Center- New York Rangers
36.	Cory Schneider, Goalie- Vancouver Canucks
37.	Jeremy Morin, Left Wing- Atlanta Thrashers
38.	Ian Cole, Defense- St. Louis Blues
39.	Jonathon Blum, Defense- Nashville Predators
40.	Louis Leblanc, Center- Montreal Canadiens

41.	Mikael Backlund, Center- Calgary Flames
42.	Ryan Ellis, Defense- Nashville Predators
43.	Mikkel Boedker, Left Wing- Phoenix Coyotes
44.	Riley Nash, Center- Edmonton Oilers
45.	Colton Teubert, Defense- Los Angeles Kings
46.	Lars Eller, Center- St. Louis Blues
47.	Maxim Goncharov, Defense- Phoenix Coyotes
48.	Kevin Shattenkirk, Defense- Colorado Avalanche
49.	Greg Nemisz, Center- Calgary Flames
50.	Chet Pickard, Goalie- Nashville Predators

51.	Karl Alzner, Defense- Washington Capitals
52.	Thomas Hickey, Defense- Los Angeles Kings
53.	Jacob Josefson, Center- New Jersey Devils
54.	John Moore, Defense- Columbus Blue Jackets
55.	Mitch Wahl, Center- Calgary Flames
56.	Ivan Vishnevskiy, Defense- Atlanta Thrashers
57.	Drayson Bowman, Left Wing- Carolina Hurricanes
58.	Luke Adam, Left Wing- Buffalo Sabres
59.	Max Pacioretty, Left Wing- Montreal Canadiens
60.	Jordan Caron, Right Wing- Boston Bruins

61.	Marcus Johansson, Center- Washington Capitals
62.	Matthew Hackett, Goalie- Minnesota Wild
63.	Jared Cowen, Defense- Ottawa Senators
64.	Viktor Tikhonov, Left Wing- Phoenix Coyotes
65.	Mattias Tedenby, Left Wing- New Jersey Devils
66.	Danny Kristo, Right Wing- Montreal Canadiens
67.	Ethan Werek, Center- New York Rangers
68.	Carter Ashton, Right Wing- Tampa Bay Lightning
69.	Jake Allen, Goalie- St. Louis Blues
70.	Alex Hutchings, Left Wing- Tampa Bay Lightning

71.	Nicolas Deschamps, Left Wing- Anaheim Ducks
72.	Brayden McNabb, Defense- Buffalo Sabres
73.	Zach Kassian, Right Wing- Buffalo Sabres
74.	Jerry DíAmigo, Right Wing- Toronto Maple Leafs
75.	Brad Marchand, Right Wing- Boston Bruins
76.	Robin Lehner, Goalie- Ottawa Senators
77.	Simon Depres, Defense- Pittsburgh Penguins
78.	Eric Tangradi, Left Wing- Pittsburgh Penguins
79.	Landon Ferraro, Center- Detroit Red Wings
80.	Ryan McDonagh, Defense- New York Rangers

81.	Michal Neuvirth, Goalie- Washington Capitals
82.	David Rundblad, Defense-St. Louis Blues
83.	Adam Henrique, Center- New Jersey Devils
84.	Taylor Doherty, Defense- San Jose Sharks
85.	Eric OíDell, Center- Atlanta Thrashers
86.	Ryan Stoa, Left Wing- Colorado Avalanche
87.	Dylan Olsen, Defense- Chicago Blackhawks
88.	Charles-Olivier Roussel, Defense- Nashville Predators
89.	Linus Omark, Left Wing- Edmonton Oilers
90.	Dmitri Orlov, Defense- Washington Capitals

91.	Patrice Cormier, Center- Atlanta Thrashers
92.	Vyacheslav Voynov, Defense- Los Angeles Kings
93.	Kyle Palmieri, Right Wing- Anaheim Ducks
94.	Tyler Cuma, Defense- Minnesota Wild
95.	Carl Klingberg, Left Wing- Atlanta Thrashers
96.	Nick Leddy, Defense- Chicago Blackhawks
97.	Brandon Pirri, Center- Chicago Blackhawks
98.	Tomas Tatar, Center- Detroit Red Wings
99.	Jack Skille, Right Wing- Chicago Blackhawks
100.	Zach Budish, Right Wing- Nashville Predators

Follow Corey on Twitter at @coreypronman.

Corey Pronman is a contributor to Puck Prospectus and runs the statistical hockey site The Hock Project. You can contact him at

Corey Pronman is an author of Hockey Prospectus. You can contact Corey by clicking here or click here to see Corey's other articles.

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