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June 3, 2013
Top 100 Draft Prospects 2013

by Corey Pronman


51. Justin Bailey, Right Wing, Kitchener (OHL)

Bailey is a high-upside forward with a multitude of tools, but he also carries some risk. He is a good skater, and he can generate a ton of speed, but he has a bit of an awkward stride, as he tends to not extend well through every step. He is a skilled player who can make above-average plays with the puck in stickhandling or passing, and he can flash flashes high-end ability with the puck. His shot is great, as it is both heavy and accurate. He has a decent frame, and is able to display a solid physical game in terms of his puck protection. He works hard on the ice, and he projects as a quality physical player, though he still has some bulking up to do. He is very raw, as injuries have hindered his ability to get a high number of repetitions. Whoever drafts Bailey inherits the risk of a player that has a fairly equal chance of being a top-six player or a bust.

52. Oliver Bjorkstrand, Right Wing, Portland (WHL)

Bjorkstrand came to the WHL after spending the past few years in Denmark, and he was a solid addition for the Memorial Cup runners-up. He is a skilled player with good raw puck possession elements. He is very coordinated in tight, and he has flashy elements in his puck handling. Bjorkstrand is a little small at only about 5'10"-5'11" tall, but he still protects and maintains control of the puck well, showing good battle effort. That said, he could stand to gain more strength. His work ethic and his hockey sense allow him to be a quality defensive forward, and his awareness lets him be a gifted playmaker. Bjorkstrand's main concern is his skating. His stride is not the best, and while he has some power in his lower body, he is not able to get the fluid movements needed to maximize energy transfer with each step.

53. Ryan Fitzgerald, Center, Valley (EJHL)

The son of current Penguins executive Tom Fitzgerald, Ryan played high school hockey at Malden Catholic in his 17-year-old season, moving to the Eastern Junior Hockey League for 2012-13. He is a highly skilled individual who earns rave reviews from scouts for his ability to make plays with the puck. He has plus puck skills, and he can make quality plays in tight, but his offensive imagination drives his value. He sees the ice at a top-end level, and knows when to hold the puck, when to make a simple play to maintain possession, or when to attempt a difficult maneuver to create a chance. He has solid skating ability, but he is not a blazer with a top-end gear, which is what you would prefer from a 5'9" forward. He has a decent on-ice work ethic, as he will not mind physical engagement, and he shows good effort at the defensive end. He is committed to attend Boston College for 2013-14.

54. Jordan Subban, Defense, Belleville (OHL)

You may have heard this name before. Jordan Subban, like his brother P.K., is a right-handed Belleville Bulls defenseman who enters the draft with offensive gifts and defensive question marks. P.K. was selected 43rd overall in 2007, similar to this range for Jordan. Subban is a top-end skater who has the ability to jet up and down the ice as a dangerous puck rusher. He has plus offensive skill, as he can weave through traffic and make quality setups. He can be a little risky with his offensive attacks, however, as well as make poor positional errors on defense. He is a small defenseman at about 5'9", and that brings a solid amount of risk to his projection. His value in his own end is questionable, although he will work hard in one-on-one battles. He can make plays as a stick checker, but as a prospect, he has a high amount of uncertainty based on his defensive projection.

55. Viktor Arvidsson, Left Wing, Skelleftea (SEL)

Arvidsson has been undrafted twice, but after a very good age-19 season in the SEL, he may have made his best case to finally be selected. He was solid for a U20 in the top Swedish professional league, and he has also excelled in multiple international tournaments, including the World Juniors. He has many offensive gifts with which to work. He is a high-end puck handler who can be dynamic at times, exhibiting a high level of creativity and elusiveness. He can sometimes try to get too cute with his dekes, but generally, his skill and his offensive instincts enable him to create scoring chances well. He always plays with a lot of energy, showing above-average speed. For a 5'9" forward, he does not mind putting physical pressure on his opponents. He also has a plus shot, and he can score from distance. Still, his size is his main concern, and that is why he has been passed over twice. While he has not grown any, he has shown progression as an offensive weapon, and NHL teams might change their minds on him this time around.

56. Sergei Tolchinsky, Left Wing, Sault Ste. Marie (OHL)

Tolchinsky shone at the Under-17's last season and at the Under-18's this year, and while has production has not been excessively high in the OHL, he has scoring line potential. He is a dynamic skater with a great first few steps and top speed. With a small, light frame, he is able to fly up the ice. He has great agility and technique with his edges. Tolchinsky is a high-end puck handler, and he can be very hard to strip off of the puck in open ice, due to his great offensive creativity and elusiveness. He displays good offensive instincts as a passer at times, but he can sometimes try to do too much as an individual. His physical game is his clear weakness. He measures at 5'7", and is not a threat on a grit level. He could also stand to improve his shot. The team that drafts Tolchinsky will be hoping that he can put all of his great skills together and flourish.

57. Jan Kostalek, Defense, Rimouski (QMJHL

Kostalek is one of the better Czech prospects in recent years. He played in the Czech men's league for ten games at age 16, and played at the U-18 and U-19 levels that same season before coming to the QMJHL for his draft year. Kostalek is a heady defenseman, and while he may not possess the most offensive upside, he projects as a tough-minutes defender with some puck moving ability. He makes a lot of stops with a good stick, impressive defensive positioning, and solid physicality. When Kostalek has the puck, he has a good panic threshold, and enough offensive instincts to make a good outlet. He has second power play unit potential. He will not rush through the neutral zone, or dangle through opponents, but he can be a good secondary carrying option. He skates at a solid level with good mobility and agility. He has the speed to join the rush or pinch, which he does selectively.

58. Will Butcher, Defense, USA Under-18 (USHL)

The offensively-gifted Butcher came into the season with the expectations that he would amass big numbers. While that did not happen, his talent base still merits a serious look from teams, despite his small stature. He is a very gifted skater, with great four-way mobility, good bursts from each step, agile feet, and the ability to be a factor joining the rush from the back end. He also possesses notably above-average hockey sense, as he outlets well, he tends to make good plays under pressure, and he displays offensive creativity. He can flash top-end hockey sense, but because he tends to be a little too risky, it grades as "good, not great." Still, he flashed more of the "great" variety towards the end of the season. His defensive awareness is solid, but since he is a 5'9"-5'10" defenseman, he has question marks about his ultimate defensive value as a pro. Despite his frame, he has shown that he can make plays in his own end.

59. Taylor Cammarata, Left Wing, Waterloo (USHL)

Cammarata was the top scorer in the USHL this year, an impressive feat for a 17-year-old, leading the league in scoring by six points. He is a great puck possessor, with very quick hands, and he can produce rapid movements. He is also an agile and shifty player, making him difficult to check. Cammarata receives praise for his hockey brain as well, and he has shown that he can be a great playmaker, setting up teammates well, with a high level of offensive creativity and instincts. Why is a highly talented player producing at an elite level in a difficult scoring league not a first rounder? For one, he is small, measuring at just 5'7". For another, he has just average top speed, which is underwhelming at his size, despite his agility and good acceleration. I have heard divided opinions on his willingness to play a gritty game, with one scout saying he will not engage at all, and another saying he likes to play that style. He is committed to the University of Minnesota for 2013-14.

60. Samuel Morin, Defense, Rimouski (QMJHL)

Morin had a fine draft season, and while he still needs to work on a few areas of his game, he is progressing in the right direction. His main asset is his physical gifts, as he is 6'6", 200-pounds, while still remaining mobile. That combination is unique, and it makes him a desirable asset. He is pretty coordinated with his feet for such a big man, as he has a technically sound stride, and the ability to move up ice well. He will use his size well to rub off checks and deliver nice hits, although he certainly still has room to fill out. Morin still needs to improve with the puck as he is not an impressive offensive player, with just average puck moving instincts. His decision-making is his main area of concern, as he can lose his man in own end, as well as make the odd bad giveaway. He is raw, and how well his game processing improves will be key to his post-draft progression.

Corey Pronman is an author of Hockey Prospectus. You can contact Corey by clicking here or click here to see Corey's other articles.

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