NHL save percentage charts


 A rolling Sv% chart comparing Pavelec and Scrivens’ careers to date.

I’ve made a visualization that charts every single goalie’s Save% since 2007. You can filter on-ice strength (it is automatically set to even strength only), date, and you can choose between Cumulative calculation (to date), straight Sv% by game, or a rolling calculation, where you can choose the amount of games back to use.

Check it out here.

Matt Pfeffer is statistical analyst for the Ottawa 67s, and a contributor to TheHockeyNews.com and Hockey Prospectus.


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About Matt Pfeffer

Matt Pfeffer is a contributor to The Hockey News and Hockey Prospectus, where he also manages the statistics on the site. He is the statistical analyst of the Ottawa 67's of the Ontario Hockey League, and has consulted for several pro hockey teams.

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