Mini-podcast: To trade or not to trade

Matthew Coller and Editor-in-Chief of Hockey Prospectus talk about whether teams on the fringe should make a move. Should the Canucks go for the wild card spot? How about Nashville? Who would Timo pick to grab the East’s final wild card spot?

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Matthew Coller is Managing Editor of Hockey Prospectus. He is the long-time host of Hockey Prospectus Radio, producer of the Howard Simon Show on Buffalo’s WGR550 and their Rochester Amerks reporter, and a multi-sport play-by-play announcer.


Follow Matthew on Twitter at @matthewWGR.

Timo Seppa is Editor-in-Chief of Hockey Prospectus, one of its founding authors, an author and editor of all four of its annuals, a long-time contributor at ESPN Insider, and a frequent guest on NHL Network Radio’s The War Room.



Follow Timo on Twitter at @timoseppa.

One thought on “Mini-podcast: To trade or not to trade

  1. I misspoke when I said Goc. I knew it when I said it but didn’t stop the flow of the podcast at the time to fix it. Frankly, Nashville and Florida occupy a similar place in my head, with both teams having a bunch of complementary players that would be useful role players for other teams. And they’re both down in the southeast, somewhere…

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