Last week’s NHL Network Radio appearance

Better late than never?

Here’s my two-segment conversation about the NHL season’s quarter mark with host Mick Kern and Peter Berce, hitting on surprises and who’s for real and not for real among teams and players. There’s a bit of talk about Olympic selections as well – particularly goalies.

Click here to listen (25:45).

Timo Seppa is editor-in-chief of Hockey Prospectus, one of its founding authors, an author and editor of all four of its annuals, a long-time contributor at ESPN Insider, and a frequent guest on NHL Network Radio’s The War Room.


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4 thoughts on “Last week’s NHL Network Radio appearance

  1. Good point. There’s a series of steps I used previously to get the podcasts to show up on iTunes. I’ve got to circle back and do that – sort of – again. I’ll get on it. Check back in a day or two and hopefully we’ll have it straightened out.

  2. There should be eight “new” Hockey Prospectus Radio podcasts (10/24 through 11/25) up on iTunes. Matt has a couple more in the works, that were supposed to happen earlier this week – scheduling has been bumped.

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