Hypothetical Draft Classes-Updated with 2014

Last year I did a post called hypothetical draft classes, seeing how my draft board’s system would look.

I’m updated that with 2014. Rules are simple, 16th pick in each round, I take my top guy available, no exceptions. I’m often asked to do look back pieces, and I’m skeptical at times because I’ve changed as an evaluator. The calls I make 3-5 years ago may not be the ones I make today. However I always will change, accountability + transparency are important, and I’m also curious.


1.       Nathan Beaulieu, D

2.       Nikita Kucherov, W

3.       Michael St. Croix, C

4.       Zakhar Arzamastsev, D

5.       Alexei Marchenko, D

6.       Albert Yarullin, D

7.       Max Everson, D


1.       Teuvo Teravainen, C

2.       Anton Slepyshev, W

3.       Nikolai Prokhorkin, C

4.       Nikita Gusev, W

5.       Nathan Walker, W

6.       Arturs Gavrus, W

7.       Austin Czarnik, C


1.       Hunter Shinkaruk, C

2.       Pavel Buchnevich, W

3.       Juuso Ikonen, W

4.       Sergei Tolchinsky, W

5.       Lucas Wallmark, C

6.       Anthony Louis, W

7.       Wilhelm Westlund, D


1. Sonny Milano, W

2. Roland McKeown, D

3. Brayden Point, C

4. Sebastian Aho, D

5. Vlad Tkachev, RW

6. Spencer Watson, RW

7. Joe Hicketts, D

Here is the same exercise, but used for the actual 16th pick in every round


1.       Joel Armia, RW

2.       Joel Edmunson, D

3.      Daniel Catenacci, C

4.       Colin Jacobs, C

5.       Alex Lepkowski, D

6.       Nathan Lieuwen, G

7.       Brad Navin, D


1.       Tom Wilson, RW

2.       Rapheal Bussieres, W

3.       Chandler Stephenson, C

4.       Austin Wutrich, W

5.       Connor Carrick, D

6.       Riley Barber, W

7.       Jaynen Rissling, D


1.       Nikita Zadorov, D

2.       Gustav Oloffson, D

3.       Jake Guentzel, W

4.       Dylan Labbe, D

5.       Carson Soucy, D

6.       Avery Peterson, C

7.       Nolan de Jong, D


1. Sonny Milano, W

2. Julius Bergman, D

3. Blake Siebernaler, D

4. Julien Pelletier, W

5. Tyler Bird, RW

6. Chase Lang, RW

7. Olivier LeBlanc, D

I’m going to nix Max Everson from my reserve list because he seems like a character flag at the moment.

So my prospect pool is currently at the top:

Nathan Beaulieu, Teuvo Teravainen, Hunter Shinkaruk, Pavel Buchnevich, Sonny Milano, Roland McKeown & Brayden Point.

My only graduate is:

Nikita Kucherov

The depth of my reserve list is:

F: Michael St. Croix, Anton Slepyshev, Nikolai Prokhorkin, Nikita Gusev, Nathan Walker, Austin Czarnik, Jusso Ikonen,Sergei Tolchinsky, Lucas Wallmark, Anthony Louis, Vlad Tkachev, Spencer Watson

D: Zakhar Arzamastsev, Alexei Marchenko, Albert Yarullin, Wilhelm Westlund, Sebastian Aho, Joe Hicketts

G: None

My draft class totals in the NHL between Beaulieu, Kucherov, Teravainen and Marchenko:

GP 88 G 10 P 25

The actual 16th pick system’s top prospects are:

Nikita Zadorov, Sonny Milano, Joel Armia, Riley Barber

The graduates are:

Tom Wilson, Connor Carrick

The depth of the reserve list is:

F: Daniel Catenacci, Colin Jacobs, Rapheal Bussieres, Chandler Stephenson, Austin Wutrich, Jake Guentzel, Avery Peterson, Julien Pelletier, Tyler Bird, Chase Lang

D: Joel Edmunson, Brad Navin, Jaynen Rissling, Gustav Oloffson, Dylan Labbe, Carson Soucy, Nolan de Jong, Julius Bergman, Blake Siebernaler, Olivier LeBlanc. Alex Lepkowski was not offered an ELC.

G: Nathan Lieuwen.

Totals are for Zadorov, Wilson, Carrick, & Lieuwen:

GP 126 G 5 P 17 and the GP goes to 133 with 7 goaltender games.

I don’t think this tells us anything too interesting but obviously you can be the judge.

My preferences are obvious. While I have defenders and goalies ranked, I like some smaller forwards more than the industry, and thus my system gets filled with forwards. I also have a lot of Russians. I probably should go off my board to draft for position at times, but often I still have guys in my top 60 available in the later rounds. I hit a home run by getting a talented Russian in the second round in Kucherov. This is obviously too early to tell how my classes did, I’m just glad I’m pacing with the pack, which given my limited resources, is as much as I think I’d ask for.

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