HP Radio: The new Penguins and long live tanking

Matthew Coller and Adam Gretz of CBS’s Eye on Hockey chat about the resurgence of the Pittsburgh Penguins under Mike Sullivan, whether Crosby is a “coach killer” and about the parody in the NHL this year. Is tanking over with? Plus the John Scott situation and how the NHL bungled it.




One thought on “HP Radio: The new Penguins and long live tanking

  1. This is a request that Hockey Prospectus consider writing or podcasting about teams or divisions other than the Penguins and Metro and Pacific.

    You have some really interesting things happening in the Central, which you guys have mostly ignored since October. You also have the reigning Cup champs on an 11-game winning streak, looking nothing short of dominant. Your own guy, Matt Collier, calls them a “dynasty.” And yet you’ve devoted almost no time or space to that team or the division.

    Just asking for HP to reflect in its analysis the diversity of compelling stories in the NHL.


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