HP Radio: Bad opinions and a stupid-close Cup Final

Matthew Coller and Shane O’Donnell break down 5 key matchups between the San Jose Sharks and Pittsburgh Penguins that will ultimately determine the outcome of the Stanley Cup Final. Before that, though, Shane offered some really bad opinions on music and food.






One thought on “HP Radio: Bad opinions and a stupid-close Cup Final

  1. Just a little constructive criticism here guys (even though, this site is just about dead): EDIT YOUR AUDIO! I don’t know if anyone gives 2 craps about whatever you guys talked about for the first 15min. Is this a hockey site or Twitter/Gawker? Its the SCF and what analysis do you have on the site between the 2 remaining teams? Who would pay for this site anymore? I guess Rob Vollman “was” this site. You can get defensive or realize what has become of the analytical quality of the site. Stop using words like “a lot” and start telling us the numbers.

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