Hockey Prospectus Top 100 draft eligible prospects

Updated on Jun. 23, 2015

In the 1980s,with the Western World in the midst of a long-running love affair with fast food, Israel remained in the dark, only partially due to the laws of Kashruth, the rules governing what observant Jews may eat. Yet, by that time, many Israelis were well aware of the brands that ruled in the US and there was a real public desire to see a behemoth like McDonald’s come to the Holy Land. Hoping to fill a vacuum, one entrepreneur founded a copy-cat chain, which, hoping to give that Jewish je-ne-sais quoi, branded his creation MacDavid.


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Business was OK, but the Israeli people wanted more. By 1993, McDonald’s had finally arrived in Israel, and MacDavid went the way of the Lira.

In 2015, the NHL is as strong as it has ever been. The product in the ice is as fast as ever, as fewer and fewer roster spots are taken up by one-dimensional goons, with skill rising to the fore. As a result of the changes to roster construction, the gaps between the top tier and the top of the top tier have shrunk. This year, the Art Ross trophy, awarded to the league’s top scorer, was won by Jamie Benn, with a mere 87 points. No one has taken that trophy with fewer points since the league carried only 6 teams.

As good as the game is, the people want more. They want a player who will make them rise out of their seats on a nightly basis. They want a player for whom a single point in a game is just OK. They want exceptionalism.

Enter McDavid. While not exactly the same as the ill-fated Israeli fast food chain, this McDavid is the genuine article. This McDavid heads the Hockey Prospectus 2015 NHL draft list. Not because he is the best of what’s around, but because he is the best. Without exception or real competition. In a draft not starved for quality talent, Connor McDavid still stands out from the pack as a clear cut number one option.

In anticipation of the upcoming NHL Entry Draft, scheduled to take place in Sunrise, Florida on June 26-27, 2015, Hockey Prospectus presents an unmatched and unrivaled draft list. This list, like the draft itself, goes 211 players deep, with detailed notes on the top 100. What you are about to see entails the joint efforts of the Hockey Prospectus prospect team, led by Ryan Wagman and including the work and sharp eyes of David McKnight, Craig Smith, Benoit Roy and Dennis Schellenberg, all of whose work you have read this year through their periodic scouting reports. When a ranked player has been reported on by the team before, the report is accessible by clicking on the player’s name.

One last note, before the list begins. As McDavid stands in a tier of one, there are other drop offs in talent after spots two, five, eight, 17, 35, 100 and 185. Obviously the exact location of the tier drop off for the latter two inflection points are more open to interpretation than the former. Without further ado:

Rank      Name    Team     League  Position  Height   Weight

1) MCDAVID, CONNOR – ERIE – OHL  – C  – 6’0.75″ 195

Elite acceleration and offensive vision, working in unison. Elusiveness is plus, although can be forced outside on rush. Has some physical strength. Was double-teamed along boards but managed to maintain possession until a teammate could get open nearby. His hands are as fast as his feet. Incredible bursts of speed make wrap around an option on every rush, as it gives teammates a chance to join him in O-zone. Can slip through very tight coverage to create offense. Can be knocked down if he is hit flush, but that is rare due to sheer speed. Can split the defense or go around them. Incredible fluidity to his skating. His moves are so high-end that he sometimes doesn’t even need to shoot as he can just tap it into a suddenly vacant net. Puck skills are off the charts. Can break a defense in any direction. All he needs is a gap the width of the puck to make something happen. Physicality is not his strong suit. Needs to gain muscle in the upper body. See online report.


Fantastic stickhandler. Magical dangles. Likes to rush on off-wing. Good strength on both slap and wrist shots. Has an intensity to his game that is reminiscent of Toews. Stays with the play when opposition has puck. Will pressure in neutral zone for turnovers. With vision, can find minute passing lanes. Needs only a split second to make good passes, even long distance ones. Consummate puck carrier. Will need to learn to occasionally simplify. Responsible in his own end. Elite stickhandler. Even in a quiet game by his standards, he can make a difference, due to his speed and ability to read what the defense is giving him. Can maintain control of the puck even when under intense physical pressure. Great awareness of puck and situation. Speed is elite, yet casual. Notable when closing on the puck. Great edge work as well.

3) STROME, DYLAN – ERIE – OHL – C – 6’3″  185   

Can stickhandle through traffic even if he can’t skate through it. Avid backchecker whose recovery will at times surprise opponents, allowing him to break up plays unexpectedly. Smart, finds gaps easily in coverage. Seems to play with low energy at times, but that may be a function of his mobility. Very comfortable carrying the puck. Has a strong wrist shot. Actually, it is a monster wrist shot. Very hard and very accurate. Lacks separation gear, but enough in the wheels to keep up. Good wrist shot and will find net from any angle. Always near the puck. Stickwork makes up for foot speed limitations. Intelligence is off the charts. Always in the rigth position for the puck. Great anticipation. Very strong. Will box out opponent on faceoffs. Finishes his checks. At least a 2nd line C at NHL level within 18 months. See online report.

4) MARNER, MITCHELL – LONDON – OHL – C – 5’11” 160

See online report. Good vision, passing. Very impressive stickhandler. Impressive effort to backcheck.


Plus-plus reactions. Plus anticipation in own zone. Quick stride. Good wrist shot. Will take part in rushes. Very quick to transition from defensive shell to forward thrust. Excellent puck handler and very goodweight and vision to his passes from a dynamic position. Hype is earned. Needs to be more cognizant of need to return to proper position from a failed rush. Great speed allow him to roam deep into O-zone, act as occasional 4th forward. Great vision on the ice. Can execute multi-zone stretch passes – both vertical and diagonal. Has enough muscle and strength to impose direction on opponent in own zone.

6) BARZAL, MATHEW – SEATTLE – WHL – C –  5’11.25″ 175

See online report Hangs out in the high slot and center of the ice. Very anticipatory in the offensive zone, doesn’t run and gun but relies on good positioning and being at the right spot at the right time. Passes are quick and on the tape. Engages in the corners but is relatively easy to push around. Plays to pace, but will pick it up when necessary or there’s an opportunity. Plays PK/PP. Quick low shot from the slot. Solid back checker, ties up his man, doesn’t chug his legs but has a low long stride that gets him where he needs to be. Calm feet. Will make the hit when available, but uses stick as primary tool. Finds teammates in the middle of the ice on the rush. Responsible on both ends, plays strong side of the puck in own zone. Capable of sneaky up on opponents and uses speed/slickness to get to pucks first. Unassuming speed, not explosive. Tight on his edges and can move laterally well. Always looks calculated, like every step has a purpose. Passes well on for and back hand, keeps composure and connects well even when under pressure. Strong playmaker thanks to excellent vision and awareness. Not an elite skater, looks heavy at times but generates speed. Passed when he was in the slot, plays pass first even when shots were available. Strong possession player, considers all options before dumping and forcing retrievals. Creative distributor of the puck. Seems to always be in position to receive a pass, particularly in his own end, makes himself available and supports his d-men. Despite not being able to physically out-muscle or intimidate opponents, he’s able to protect himself and the puck well through physical abuse. Fluid skater, moves with the puck very well. Can skate through opposing team. Finds and gravitates towards open space.

7) PROVOROV, IVAN – BRANDON – WHL – D – 6’0.5″    201 

Defensive reactions occur at high speeds. Great pivots. Can check opposing player either with body, or with stick. Good mobility. Will skate puck out of zone but can also pass. Stand up check can separate man from puck. Very calm and smooth in stopping opposing forays into his zone. Hard to beat 1-on-1. He will get in very tight and shut down attacker completely. Consistent, two-way defenseman. Plays a tight gap and isn’t over aggressive on oncoming opponents. Generally engages before the blue-line, but isn’t forceful meaning he’s rarely out of position. Has an excellent, mobile and active stick and will use it the majority of the time to contain and defend. Fluid mechanical skater, looks effortless and cerebral, smooth in every sense, transitions tightly and uses edges with grace precision. Plays with an irritating confidence, whether in his own end approaching/containing an opponent or when jumping into the play using his strength and speed. Has an NHL-ready pass, in execution, accuracy, timeliness and speed. Threat when passing or when moving the puck, seems to favour making passes; as a result, is a pure quarterback on the power play. Has an excellent wrist shot which regularly finds the net. Will take a slap shot if he sees a more obvious lane to the net, but will withhold the bomb if not appropriate. Has an explosive one-timer that has surprising accuracy. Corrals the puck elitely on the blue-line, is rarely caught having to relinquish possession/dump or causing turnovers. Not particularly big and doesn’t have significant edge, but plays strong and heavy in the corners, tough to knock off the puck. A very well-rounded defender who excels in all situations against any competition who can likely step into the NHL right away and have impact.

8) RANTANEN, MIKKO – TPS – FINLAND – RW –  6’3.5″    211 

Not afraid to dangle. Very confident player in O-zone. Very powerful wrist shot. His drive will lead to penalties by the opposition. Big bodied forward, smooth hands, good playmaker, played 56 games in Liiga. Frame and style can disrupt when forechecking. Plays hard buy in control. Has quick hands and can beat his checker to the outside with dekes.

9) CONNOR, KYLE – YOUNGSTOWN – USHL – LW  – 6’1″    177

Excellent stickhandler and plus skater. Could be an exciting offensive contributor. Good sized frame and a plus passer. Has played as a C, but more natural role should be on the wing.  Great skater, elite passer, and deadly shot. Good hands, fast, agile. Offensive threat at all times. Has a tendency to reach when defending. Can play the point on the powerplay. Outstanding balance and body control. Has a big frame and plus top speeds. Looks like his body can support additional weight. Has a ceiling reminiscent of Logan Couture, with similar attributes in a number of areas.

10) WERENSKI, ZACHARY – U OF MICHIGAN – BIG10 – D – 6’2″    206 

Smooth skating offensive threat. Can be a liability in his own zone, in the sense that he can be beaten one-on-one with good moves. Has good vision and passing skills. Owns a hard slapshot with solid control. Will be a plus transition player.

11) MEIER, TIMO – HALIFAX – QMJHL – RW – 6’1″    209

Solid forechecker and will hit. Can bulldoze through defenders. Good anticipation for loose pucks. Strong start up speed. Smooth skater, but not elite speed. Great hand-eye coordination – saw him bat in puck around 4ft in air after it was deflected up – and into the net. Times passes well for breakouts. Deceptive skating ability. More effective going N-S. Can maintain control of puck in spin-o-rama. Times his release well. See online report.

12) MERKLEY, NICHOLAS – KELOWNA – WHL – RW – 5’10.5″ 191

Can dangle. Great agility. Controls the puck with his whole body. Will finish his checks. Great on the PK. Good vision, great passing ability and intelligent puck handler, uses stick and body to shield the puck well, surprisingly quick and creative set of hands, very deceptive at times. Solid setup man and playmaker but also has a big shot off the rush and a quick release. Well-rounded forward in the offensive zone with great offensive instincts, leans towards playmaking. Smart off the puck, makes himself available for passes and doesn’t ever look like he’s floating around in free space – has a purpose, and that purpose is to get possession. Generally, his hockey sense seems to be above-average. Plays with energy and tenacity, fun and exciting player both on and off the puck. Defensive play is adequate, plays tight to his man but doesn’t engage significantly beyond that. Will block shots at times and will play down low to help clearing out the front of the net. Decent back-checker, ties up the free forward. Not supremely quick or explosive, but solid on his feet and has a low centre of gravity. Excellent lateral mover on and off the puck, powerful edges. Has some fight in him, some natural aggression and likes to seek out hits. Tough and rugged for a smallish forward, can take significant abuse. Could benefit from slowing his pace down and not rushing decisions, although rare, he’s prone to questionable passes or holding onto the puck for too long. Could benefit from shooting more, decent wrist shot in the slot.

13) KONECNY, TRAVIS – OTTAWA – OHL – C – 5’9.75″ 175   

Fantastic edge work and body control. See scouting report. Has balls to attempt spin-o-rama in O-zone slot area. In one notable sequence, he nailed a player at centre ice, gathered puck and stickhandled around a defender to enter the O-zone and dished off to an overlapping forward for a scoring chance that ended up in the net. Good separation speed and strong wrist shot will make him a top six offensive weapon. Slap shot also a weapon.

14) CROUSE, LAWSON – KINGSTON – OHL – LW – 6’4″    215 

Defensive floater. Want to see him put big frame to use in own zone more. Used on point for PP – although will drive the net after faceoff is won. Startup looked mushy. Soft enough hands to toe-drag around defenders. Very hard wrist shot. Very strong and will win more than his share of loose puck battles. Has good first step quickness. PLays D-zone assignments well with a long attention span. His line is often the one out against top opposition lines (ie. will play against McDavid, etc.) Has good vision in O-zone. Can wire a pass through the zone on the tape. Has a hard slap shot which is underutilized from the slot, but not keeping it down enough. Passes can be hit and miss. See online report.

15) SVECHNIKOV, EVGENY – CAPE BRETON – QMJHL – LW – 6’1.75″ 199   

Good awareness in own zone. Stole puck and began a 2-on-1 break. Good puck protection skills and stickhandling as he waits for teammate to get open for a pass. Can drag. Will play physical to win puck battles. Big, rangy skater. Looks like a power forward. Quick hands.

16) ZACHA, PAVEL –  SARNIA – OHL – C – 6’3″   210 

Power forward with good two-way games. Solid skater and good shot. Pure sniper. He will score goals.

17) CHABOT, THOMAS – SAINT JOHN – QMJHL – D – 6’1.5″    180

See scouting report. Strong on his skates. Won’t fall from back pressure. Good mobility and plus acceleration. Can carry the puck into the zone with speed, but creativity is questionable. Very patient when carrying the puck and unlikely to rush the issue, confident enough to wait until a solid play unfolds as he can outrun the opposition.

18) HARKINS, JANSEN – PRINCE GEORGE – WHL- C – 6’1.25″ 182 

See online report.  Natural passer, finds openings and teammates consistently, plays a mature and intelligent game on the puck. A workhorse in all three zones but isn’t over-aggressive, he shows restraint and plays logically. Great hockey sense, excellent positionally at both ends and is at the right place at the right time consistently. Plays body effectively but not a monstrous hitter and only wins 50% of battles, could benefit from adding strength and aggression to match work ethic. A fluid skater, difficult to track down but doesn’t standout, fairly average. Handles the puck extremely well, scans the entire ice before committing and can be difficult to hit. Able to get passes off from anywhere. Can contend with sticks, solid protector of the puck. More of a play maker but will shoot in the slot, shot isn’t exceedingly strong or accurate. Takes a low shot, finds the net, likes to mix it up. Shifty and creative on one-on-ones, full arsenal, might shoot, find a pass or dangle. Shows a lot of passion and energy, wants the puck and doesn’t like losing battles. Quick decision maker and reactive, strong hockey instincts. Plays at a pace just slight above his teammates. Looks like he runs out of steam at times. Skates hunched. Not exceptionally fast but has a decent stride and quick feet, not explosive just very fluid. Decent defensive game, doesn’t really play physical, plays a decent 200-foot game when on centre position, work ethic is evident and pays off in his own end. Harkins is a player that doesn’t standout but does a lot of the “little things” very well that coaches love (back-checks intently, doesn’t take too many risks, gets the puck on the net, makes the simple play but doesn’t sacrifice scoring opportunities).

19) KYLINGTON, OLIVER – FARJESTAD – SWEDEN –  D – 6’0″    180  

See online report excellent skater with a good shot and matured calm defender

20) ERIKSSON EK, JOEL – FARJESTAD – SWEDEN – C – 6’1.75″ 180

See online report.  Hard nosed two-way center, good shot, strong game in all 3 zones.

21) ZBORIL, JAKUB – SAINT JOHN – QMJHL – D – 6’0.75″ 184

See scouting report.  Good pass, good positioning, decent physical game, competitive defender.

22) DeBRUSK, JAKE – SWIFT CURRENT – WHL – LW – 5’11.75″  174 

See online report. Will shoot from anywhere on the ice, hits the net with regularity, pure goal scorer and energizing forward. Capable of finding his way through traffic, slimy and slick, fights off checks and maintains possession exceedingly well for a smaller forward. Great timing on offense and is a pure finisher. Willing to battle at both ends. First forward back on backcheck but doesn’t locate threat or tie up man very well, guilty of watching the play in his own. Puck seems attached to his stick at times, moves OK laterally but looks awkward and heavy at times, wouldn’t consider it a major weakness however. Doesn’t posses breakaway speed so he won’t get a ton of separation, but gets past defenders using creativity and strength. With time, he can find teammates with creative little passes anywhere in the offensive zone, tends to throw the puck in the slot. Plays the PP and PK. Battles in front and will confront larger players, physically tough. Physicality isn’t a major part of his game, relies more on a well timed stick defensively. Weak wrist, relatively inaccurate, not a natural goal scorer but shoots first before passing, gets goals by mucking in the front of the net and using quick, creative shots/passes. Guilty of making one too many move. Passes aren’t always pinpoint accurate but manageable. Pesky character. Relatively ineffective off the puck, doesn’t find space at either end. Relentless energy and definitely pushes the pace of the game.


See scouting report. Hands like P. Kane, agile skater, creates offence, offensive weapon

24) BITTNER, PAUL – PORTLAND – WHL – LW – 6’4″  204   

Powerful wrist shot. Big, smooth skating, highly skilled power forward. Sound skater for his size – has good top-speed, gets some separation and moves quite well laterally for a big fellow, long stride when going full speed. As expected, skating isn’t perfect and looks bogged down by his size at times, will develop. Finds shooting lanes effectively, big heavy shot that regularly finds the net, will shoot from anywhere. Likes to take the shot off the rush but will also use size effectively and drive the net. Prefers to shoot, but likes to make sensible, effective passes off the rush or in the cycle. Definitely an offensive threat, but looks apprehensive at times and unengaged. Physicality doesn’t play big role in his game, doesn’t go searching for hits and doesn’t seem to intimidate opponents. 200-foot player for the most part, uses top speed to back check. Uses long reach and stick to prevent scoring opportunities, good defensive awareness and positions himself well to prevent developing plays. Not a typical power forward in that he tends to shy away from physical game and doesn’t use size or strength as effectively as others his size. Streaky player, has amazing shifts then is invisible on the ice. Production is likely inflated due to playing with Bjorkstrand for majority of the season.

25) BOESER, BROCK – WATERLOO – USHL – RW – 6’0.5″ 191 

Strong on the puck and very hard to strip it away from him. From SH: Electric in the offensive end and the closest thing you will find to a sniper in the league.  Just a Pure goal scorer.

26) ROY, JEREMY – SHERBROOKE – QMJHL – D – 6’0″ 188  

Good in poke checking, good in 1vs1 situations, accurate pass. Suspect that the gap between where he is now and a 2nd pairing NHL blueliner isn’t large.

27) BRACCO, JEREMY – USA U-18 – USHL – RW  – 5’9.25″ 173 

Very patient with the puck. Highly skilled playmaker. undersized winger with great vision, smooth hands, tremendous skater


C – 6’4″    200     

Great size, strength. Defensively responsible. Good at transferring puck from D-zone to N-zone. Decent second gear, but skating speed not elite level. Protects the puck well with his large frame, both in centre of ice and along the boards. Questions to be asked about his offensive creativity. Good edge work. Trusted on PK in high leverage situations. Good wrist shot. Uses large frame well on PK in high slot, preventing shots from getting through.

29) ROSLOVIC, JOHN (JACK) – USA U-18 – USHL – C – 6’0.5″ 182 

Energetic skater with good 3 zone play, great work ethic. Active, effective forechecker. Incisive passer. Plus awareness situationally. Smart player.

30) WHITE, COLIN – USA U-18 – USHL – C – 6’0″ 183   

Two way center, good shot, good work ethic, no high end skills. Great wrist shot. Gets himself in good positions offensively due to plus awareness.

31) NATTINEN, JULIUS – JYP 2 FINLAND-2  – C – 6’1.75″ 191  

See online report.  big forward with good vision, playmaker and good defensive game

32) VANDE SOMPEL, MITCHELL – OSHAWA – OHL – D – 5’10” 182   

Lacks some functional strength. Eager puck rusher. Will play as a forward on PK, even taking some faceoffs. See online report. Beat Nick Paul (North Bay/Ottawa) in an even foot race for a loose puck. While small, can play in tight spots. Uses the boards well to cushion checks and can maintain his hold on the puck. Amazing agility to avoid other hits.

33) CARLO, BRANDON – TRI-CITY – WHL – D – 6’5″  196  

Mobility concerns, but not bad for his size. Lofty, smooth-skating defensive defenseman with some offensive upside. Good, agile skater with great range and solid lateral movement, generates surprising power, skating is quite good for a lanky individual. Prowls on the offensive blueline, likes to open himself up as an option for forwards. Low, firm shot, has some power but not particularly accurate, prefers a big slap shot. Has excellent awareness in his own end, can smother opponents as he patrols the defensive zone using range and size. Not much of an offensive threat at the junior level, but raw tools are intriguing. Makes competent, safe passes, usually sends them along the boards and refrains from sending dangerous cross-ice passes. Covers a significant portion of the ice due to range. Good gap control and uses stick quite effectively to maintain gap. Likes to play physical and will connect on big hits if the opportunity presents itself, doesn’t usually go searching for hits. Can single-handedly disrupt the opposition’s cycle due to awareness and range. Size, skating ability and defensive awareness are his primary strengths, could lead to him jumping into the NHL sooner than later.

34) PILON, RYAN – BRANDON – WHL – D – 6’2″    206  

Good wrist shot, above average mobility. Strong wrist shot. Legit weapon from the point. Not shy about hitting his mark. Will stop all forward motion with well-timed checks into the boards. A strong offensive defender with flair and excellent vision on the puck who consistently makes great decisions. Incredible passer, finds teammates effortlessly with flawless passes. Uses a range of passes and means to find teammates. Makes the smartest outlet pass with impressive regularity to productive forwards, rarely if ever causes turnovers. Skates low and cuts deep in his edges to generate speed and power, transitions are adequate but looks slowish moving backwards at times, but matches the speed of rush generally well. Has good gap control but doesn’t usually engage before the blue-line allowing clean entries, plays tightly however. Size and reach are pro-ready. Likes to join the rush and is an excellent puck protector. Identifies lanes well and can get creative with passes and rushing opportunities. Acts like a fourth forward in the offensive zone. Jumps into the slot and is a threat on the blueline, shoots well and searches for passes. Doesn’t engage very much physically in the defensive zone. Will contain a offensive threat but generally doesn’t attempt to separate man from puck. Could be more effective with more intensity and more passion in his own end.


See scouting report.  Two-way center, good defensive game, uses his stick to disrupt.

36) JUULSEN, NOAH – EVERETT – WHL – D – 6’1.5″  174  

Poor gap control. Collapses far too early. As scout said “saggy grandma gap”. On the other hand, he is good with the puck or in support when his team has the puck. Juulsen is a solid and appealing two-way defender. Adequate skater, less of a threat going north-south but manages threats well going east-west, much better lateral skater which suits his role. Distributes the puck effectively and shows some creativity in his passes, generally makes the safe play. Doesn’t rush the puck often, but does so when opportunities arise and usually finds success in gaining the zone with possession. Is effective at engaging oncoming threats and limits time and space of forward, forces turnovers or dump-ins with regularity. Has excellent work ethic, particularly in his own end, has a firm grasp of his positioning and role. Has surprising strength and sturdiness, can lay into opponents is not at all afraid to play aggressively and with edge. Doesn’t run around his own end, plays a responsible defensive game. Has a monstrous shot, can unleash a cannon and is an obvious threat on the power play. Can eat serious minutes and find success in any situation. Has an obvious defensive lean to his game, but offensive instincts aren’t undeveloped and his shot is his anchor.

37) MELOCHE, NICOLAS – BAIE-COMEAU – QMJHL – D – 6’2.5″  204  

Strong wrist shot, can score from the point. Excellent work breaking up 2-on-1 rush. Committed and too away the passing lane, while edging his body towards the puck carrier.


Protects puck well. Coordination to pivot and shoot in one fluid motion.

39) SAMSONOV, ILYA – MAGNITOGORSK 2 – RUSSIA-JR. –  G –  6’3″    200  

See online report. Towering goalie, good agility, strong with pads. Good reactions, plays a bit of hybrid style. Will need to tone down movement to reach next level without leaving himself exposed to rebounds or broken plays.

40) YAN, DENNIS – SHAWINIGAN – QMJHL – LW – 6’1.25″ 184 

High end skill, good skater.  Definitely more of a goal scorer than a playmaker.  Needs to improve consistency.  Dynamite performance in the playoffs.

41) GURIANOV, DENIS – TOGLIATTI 2 – RUSSIA-JR. – RW – 6’2.5″    183    

See online report.  Power forward with a great shot, good physical game, some defensive mind. Stands out when playing against his age-based peer group. Questionable commitment on backchecking.

42) NOVAK, THOMAS – WATERLOO – USHL – C – 6’0.5″    179

A pass first center who will take a shot if needed. Took a little while for him to adjust to the speed of the USHL but has come on.

43) SENYSHYN, ZACHARY – SAULT STE. MARIE – OHL – RW – 6’1″    192        

Great speed and agility. Gaining separation is not a problem. Acceleration is a weapon. Great separation speed. Can finish with a quick release on his wrist shot.

44) DUNN, VINCE – NIAGARA – OHL – D – 5’11.75″ 187      

Promising on man coverage in his zone. Does well to stay between his mark and the net. Trusted on the PK. Good reactions in the N-zone to swipe loose pucks. Solid wheels and uses them to skate the puck up ice. Like the offensive instinct. Needs to be tamed in – especially in pinches. Was able to defend McDavid well, force him to outside on rushes. Can play with chip and will play physically in tight situations – will win his share as well. Very good pivoting. Good closing speed. Took out a rushing attacker who had 4+ inches on him along the boards. See online report.

45) SPENCER, MATTHEW – PETERBOROUGH – OHL – D – 6’1.5″    203   

Not an elite skater, but has more than enough mobility to play at the next level. Quick hands. Good first pass to get out of danger. Exit passes are extremely sharp – O-zone passes as well. Good gap control. Teams tend to attack the other side so as to avoid him on zone entries. Plays on first PK unit. Has strength to do well at board play. Will bump above-averaged sized players off the puck, but not overpowering.  See online report. Some concerns about gap control due to mobility.

46)BLACKWOOD, MACKENZIE – BARRIE – OHL – G  – 6’4″    215        

Looks good on wrap-around attempts. See online report. Very athletic goalie with great legs, good butterfly technique. Numbers would be more impressive if his bad games were simply “bad” instead of “godawful”.

47) PAIGIN, ZIYAT – KAZAN  RUSSIA – D – 6’6″    209    

Has a bullet shot from the point. Weapon on PP.

48) MANGIAPANE, ANDREW – BARRIE – OHL – LW  – 5’10” 170 

See online report. Quick release on his wrist shot. Fast skater when holding the puck.

49) DERMOTT, TRAVIS – ERIE  – OHL – D – 5’11.25″ 197  

Very mobile. Good at puck possession. Saw him dangle and delay with the puck in O-zone without teammates in support so they could change lines. Good gap control. Keeps his check to the outside.

50) KOROSTELEV, NIKITA – SARNIA – OHL – RW  – 6’1.25″ 195   

Has an NHL-caliber wrist shot. Big body that he uses to protect the puck in traffic.

51) ANDERSSON, RASMUS – BARRIE – OHL – D – 6’0″  212 

Likes to join rush. Offensive blueline. Plays on first PK unit. Has sufficient strength to maintain possession of the puck in scrums along the boards. Crisp exit passes. Can defend against skilled puck movers on rush. Will maintain patience through stick dekes. Has a mature frame. Not overly tall, but broad in the shoulders. Strong shooter. Has a good wrist shot which he will release while in motion. His slapshot is strong too, but both shots lack in accuracy. See online report.

52) SIEGENTHALER, JONAS – ZURICH SWISS –  D – 6’2.5″    220     

Good backchecking can break up rushes. See online report. Has very good breakout pass ability. But also prone to some poor puck decisions. Low panic threshold. Reminds me some of Matt Spencer. His shot is not strong enough to be a weapon from the point.


Good hard and low slap shot. See online report.

54) MUSIL, ADAM – RED DEER – WHL – C – 6’2.75″ 202   

Possesses light feet, swift and but is able to generate power due to size and strength. Can take face offs. Plays on the PK. Solid on his feet but not outwardly physical, he can stand up for himself against bigger and stronger competition. He’s a fiery forward that plays a big, fast game and can cover significant ground all at once. Makes himself available at both ends, can battle in front. Strong and tough in every sense, escapes checks well and protects puck effectively. Escape speed is great but he’s not lights-out quick, size is a hindrance in that regard. Shoots upon entry, likes to use screens, has a big accurate slap shot. Effective at crowding the net and is willing to work down low and around the slot, likes to play the cycle game and is difficult to manage when he has possession. Doesn’t see huge minutes. Not an offensive force, but shows flashes of offensive power and manages the puck very well. Passes are firm and accurate and generally find productive players, he’s not just attempting to get rid of it to maintain possession, he wants to make plays. Has good positional awareness in the defensive zone, knows his role, seems more like a natural centre because he seems engaged on the puck handler and gravitates toward the slot. Passionate player, he seems highly versatile and adaptable. Puck doesn’t seem to find him very much, plays a strong perimeter game. Shifty at times, doesn’t dangle but protects.

55) AHL, FILIP – HV 71 JR. – SWEDEN-JR. – LW – 6’3.25″ 211  

Fulton Reed level shot. Power forward player. Big frame and good speed down the wing. big winger, strong passes, good net presence. big winger, strong passes, good net presence

56) FISCHER, CHRISTIAN – USA U-18 – USHL – RW – 6’1″    212

Powerful skater, good vision, good balance and hard knock off puck. Effective forechecker. Solid stickwork.

57) STEPHENS, MITCHELL – SAGINAW – OHL – C – 5’11.25″ 188       

Matured allrounder, good passer. Has some bull-rushing abilities – can push through a defense on a zone entry. Protects puck very well through body positioning/angles

58) SAARELA, ALEKSI – ASSAT   FINLAND – C – 5’10.5″ 198 

Good wheels. Able to slip coverage. Plus vision and passing skills. Good mitts. Plus shot release.  creative offensive skills, good skater, good work ethic

59) KNOTT, GRAHAM – NIAGARA  – OHL – LW – 6’3.25″ 190  

Fights for loose pucks. Can draw penalties from tenacity. Good hands – in one play, alley-ooped the puck off the board, gained the zone behind the backchecker, stickhandled into the clear and showed a very good wrist shot to beat the goalie. Prone to poor decisions on pinches, types of things that lead to odd-man rushes against. Has the strength to win puck battles both along the board and in the middle of the ice. Has the frame to pack on more weight. If he does without losing mobility, he can become a force.

60) GROPP, RYAN – SEATTLE –  WHL- LW  – 6’2″    187

See online report. Big-framed goal scoring winger that plays a fast-paced, high energy game. Has an excellent stride and generates great speed, great acceleration for a biggish player. Uses big frame to solidly protect puck, goes high-speed on the puck. Moves with the puck well, not lightning quick, but fluid and strong on his feet. Uses cheeky head fakes and other deceptive tools to fool defenders, can shake defenders using his creative, however prefers to drive the puck past defenders and burn them using his speed. Straightforward stick handler for the most part but will show creativity and flash when one-on-one. Supreme release, very quick and very accurate shot, finds the net with regularity. Gravitates around the low slot, net and behind the net, puck seems to follow him whenever he’s on the ice. Brings the puck directly to the net and gets garbage goals. Plays tight to defenders and is aggressive using stick and body to force pressure but isn’t particularly physical off the puck. Caught watching the play at times or standing still. Plays with edge and acts like a pest at times, can be irritating to play against. Throws pucks to the net, doesn’t look for the precision pass. Passing otherwise is tape-to-tape, but prefers the run-and-gun style of play on the rush. Often deployed in the o-zone by coach. Smart defensively, but is not a shut-down player, plays a one-dimensional offensive game, prefers (and is more effective) when the puck goes north.

61) VLADAR, DANIEL – KLADNO – CZREP-2 – G – 6’5.25″ 185   

Huge goalie who is good down low and has good quickness

62) CARLSSON, GABRIEL – LINKOPING JR.  SWEDEN-JR.  – D – 6’4″    183  

Big defender, is good with the stick in his own zone, accurate pass.

63) GUHLE, BRENDAN – PRINCE ALBERT – WHL – D – 6’1.75″ 184   

Very mobile. Happy to join in the rush to add offensive danger to the attack. See online report. Good cap control. Guhle is a rangy, smooth skating defensemen, likely among the best and most cerebral skaters in his draft class. He’s fluid, effortless and has tremendous grace, accelerates smoothly and is tireless, shows great lateral movement all over the ice. Excellent puck retriever because of speed, rarely loses the foot race. Plays the game quickly and has a relentless work ethic. Shows intelligence with the puck on outlet passes and has a solid passing game. With time and space he’ll connect and find productive outlets but when under pressure it looks like he panics and doesn’t want to commit. Tendency to hold on to the puck or rush when a passing play makes most sense, decision making is something that needs to be worked on. Has the raw puck handling skills, just needs to be refined and develop timing. Has surprising strength and can easily knock guys off the puck, combination of speed and strength is intriguing. Low, firm shot, quick release from, confident shooter, finds seams with ease. Leaves a big gap and doesn’t attempt to contain, tries to make one “strike” and tends to lunge. Fortunately, his range and speed make up for his deficiencies in decision making. Tough to ignore because of his elite-level skating ability and range, just needs refinement.

64) SUTER, PIUS – GUELPH – OHL – C  – 5’11” 165

Playing PK on 5-on-3 situations against. Solid slap shot. good awareness, vision in all zones. Not large, but elusive and shifty moving in tight quarters. Enough strength to win some puck scrums. Smart player. Recognizes developing situations and will react accordingly. Can make creative passes.

65) SCHEMITSCH, THOMAS – OWEN SOUND – OHL – D – 6’3″    205    

Good low wrist shot. Trusted in high pressure situations.

66) LARSSON, JACOB – FROLUNDA JR.  SWEDEN-JR. – D – 6’2″    191   

Offensive defender, joins rushes, good positioning.

67) TIMASHOV, DMYTRO – QUEBEC  – QMJHL – LW  – 5’9.25″ 192

Silky stickhandling moves. Plus skater. Can gain separation. Exciting player. Great weighted passes. Lacks strength, but very dangerous in space. He gets the puck and immediately finds a passing lane. Great awareness. Vision. Has very quick hands.

68) TRENIN, YAKOV – GATINEAU – QMJHL – C – 6’1.75″ 194

See scouting report. Very strong. Good forechecker. Another scouting report.

69) JONES, CALEB – USA U-18 – USHL – D – 5’11.75″ 194 

Will pinch, yet trusted in serious PK situations. Good skater, with strong passing skills.

70) NIELSEN, ANDREW – LETHBRIDGE – WHL – D – 6’3″    207   

Big, minute eating, responsible defenseman. Skates powerfully and energetically although looks heavy and clunky, particularly when moving side to side and laterally. Looks a bit stiff and uncomfortable on the ice, but doesn’t look out of place, shows periods of smoothness and surprising agility given his size. Possess a big, low shot, has an interesting swing – back swing goes high and he comes down on the puck quickly as if chopping at it. Moves puck up ice confidently, solid puck mover and looks poised with the puck when given time and space. Passes are tight and accurate, albeit safe, won’t go searching for a pass if the safe chip-out or glass-out play is available. Won’t lead the rush but is engaged when the opportunity to carry is there. Plays night to opponent on rush, doesn’t engage but uses well positioned stick to contain, can be quite suffocating, has a highly active stick and a good head in his own end. Will play physically if it’s the best option defensively and certainly doesn’t shy away, seems like he doesn’t need to play tough because of his stick work and suffocating defensive play. Plays a smart offensive blue line . Oddly overcommits at times and can be a step behind the play. Gives up on defensive assignments on occasion, should tighten up and work on overall consistency defensively because he certainly can be a defensive threat.

71) LOOKE, JENS – BRYNAS – SWEDEN – RW  – 6’0.5″    180   

Fights for loose pucks and will play pucks through until the whistle. High energy player on the forecheck, will force turnovers. good skater, good work ethic, no high end skills

72) FOLEY, ERIK – CEDAR RAPIDS – USHL – LW – 5’11.5″ 185   

From SH: Listed at 185 but I think under Carlson’s training regimen he is closer to 195 now.  He is a physical specimen. Good top end speed, a NHL release on his shot, and his first step is getting more explosive as the season goes on.  Erik really uses his body well in shielding defenders from the puck.  Has seen some time at Center on the PP as of late because he has good hands and gets a stick on a lot of point shots.

73) KOLESAR, KEEGAN – SEATTLE – WHL – RW – 6’1.25″ 217  

Big, thick two-way forward that can be deployed in any situation and be successful. Has power in his stride but weight certainly slows him down, acceleration, top-speed and agility are slightly below average despite strength and power. A powerhouse along the walls and reigns supreme in the cycle, solid puck manager, makes decent firm passes and has quick release and power behind his shot. Shows creativity with puck but perhaps lacks the confidence to execute because of size and speed relative to competition. Plays a fierce and physical game at both ends. Often deployed in the defensive zone signaling that he’s a defensive specialist. Positions stick well in his own end and has a keen understanding of where to be and how to prevent scoring chances. Uses everything at his disposal to prevent opportunities, almost plays like a defenseman or centre in his own end. Two-way forward with a defensive lean, but can be deployed in the offensive zone and still generate scoring chances. Versatile and adaptable, a utility player who can contribute secondary scoring and be a PK specialist.

74) PAVLYCHEV, NIKITA – DES MOINES – USHL – C  – 6’7″   200   

Massive! Great skater, too with some creativity in the offensive end and has soft hands.

75) FORSBACKA KARLSSON, JAKOB OMAHA – USHL – C  – 6’0.75″ 190      

Pretty to watch and looks larger on the ice than the 6’1 listed. A good communicator on the ice. Needs better overall defensive play.

76) GARLAND, CONOR – MONCTON  – QMJHL – RW – 5’8″    163      

Defensive play isn’t overly stellar at times, but he’s improved on that from last season. I really can’t imagine that someone won’t take a chance on him late in the draft or at worst give him a free agent invite to camp. Puck skills, hockey sense, vision and creativity are off the charts. Absolute dynamite play maker. Probably the most fun player to watch that Moncton has ever had. The skill has always been there. Even at 16 you could see that his skill level was very high. He got a bit bigger over this past off-season and he’s stayed healthy, which wasn’t the case the past two seasons. He’s gotten even harder to contain and the play making has gone up another level. He’s just able to hold on to the puck for so long that it creates openings for everyone else. There’s not too many players who can create something out of nothing as often as he does. Small, but strong for size. Smart. Understands the value of getting puck on net, even from awkward positions. Very creative and effective QB’ing a PP. Sells out fakes with full body. Very good stickhandler.

77) WAGNER, AUSTIN – REGINA – WHL – LW – 6’1″    178     

Speedy, rangy forward with goal-scoring ability and a tenacious playing style. Possesses lightning quick feet, blazing top-speed, he’s extremely agile and can get 0-60 in absolutely no time, multiple gears and spectacular breakaway speed, he’s one hell of a skater. Very, very shifty with the puck, fools defenders with a combination of speed, agility and lateral movement/crossovers, favours beating defenders wide with straight-up speed. Manages the puck adequately, however feet seem to be faster than his head. Tends to lose the puck in his feet or overskate it, causes turnovers because he runs out of time/space to execute. Big, heavy shot but can release awkwardly and doesn’t seem to pick corners. Crash/bang player in front of the net, jumps onto loose pucks quickly. Can intimidate players with aggressive playing style and ability to land bone crushing hits, a real competitor along the boards and on forecheck and in his own end. Plays a responsible defensive game, plays hit-first. Skating ability and two-way upside combined with tenacity means he can fit a variety of roles but must work on puck management and general hockey sense. Must work to adapt run-and-gun playing style to the more intelligent and refined NHL game if he wants to be a top-6 player.

78) VEHVILAINEN, VEINI – JYP 2 – FINLAND-2  – G  – 6’0.5″   180   

Very athletic goalie. Agile. Solid rebound control. Came up huge in U18 finals for Finland. Good agility. Guards posts well. Athletic and moves legs very well and quickly. good positioning, very calm, most consistent goalie at u18

79) WOTHERSPOON, PARKER – TRI-CITY – WHL  – D  – 6’0.25″ 171     

Two-way defender, good skater. Smooth-skating, puck-moving defenseman. Has a low centre of gravity and can generate adequate speed moving forwards. Has decent mobility and moves well laterally, not quite as dynamic moving backwards however, relies on giving opponents the wall as he take the centre instead of matching speed and playing tightly. Tends to give up the blue line too easily and isn’t a tremendous force in his own end, but contains opponents sufficiently, limiting time and space rather than attempt to separate man from puck. Not an outwardly physical player either, but will engage when if he finds the right opportunity. Not a difficult or frustrating defenseman to play against, but does find success playing a smart, reserved defensive game. Passes the puck hard and accurately, makes decisions quickly but doesn’t force the play. Generally intelligent moving the puck forwards (likes to join the rush, does so effectively) and when making outlet passes but prone to head-scratching feeds, sees a play develop but seems like he can’t execute. Good mover on the offensive blueline and likes to shoot, but usually attempts to make a pass first. Plays a relatively safe and “boring” game but he certainly has some two-way presence. Would excel if he was a more frustrating defenseman and could execute on his creativity with regularity.

80) SPEERS, BLAKE – SAULT STE MARIE – OHL – C – 5’11” 181

A talented offensive player who is sometimes lost on a loaded Greyhounds squad. Speers does a little bit of everything to push his team’s offense forward. PLays with pace and has a plus shot and puck skills.

81) LAUZON, JEREMY –  ROUYN-NORANDA – QMJHL – D – 6’1.75″ 193   

Good mobility, size and toughness.  Skating is his biggest strength, moves around the ice very well.  Very good poise with the puck through the neutral zone and likes to join the rush.  Plays well positionally in his own end.  Put up very good offensive numbers for a 17-year-old defenceman.

82) ROY, NICOLAS – CHICOUTIMI – QMJHL – C – 6’4″  195  

Big gritty forward, good two-way game

83) GABRIELLE, JESSE – REGINA – WHL – LW – 5’10.75″  205        

Thick-framed, agitating forward with some offensive upside. Skating leaves something to be desired… not particularly agile or mobile, his feet are heavy and is not explosive by any means. Can generate adequate speed in open ice, but for the most part his skating ability is his primary detractor. Plays a rugged, aggressive high-paced style and can throw monstrous hits along the wall and in open ice. Has a ceaseless motor at either end and isn’t afraid to engage in some after-whistle shenanigans but can get carried away. He’s a tough player to lineup against especially if he has you contained against the wall, uses his stick and body to take away time and space. Can open up in the offensive zone, shoots before he passes, shots are big, heavy and accurate and the puck can go in from anywhere on the ice. Like his skating ability, his puck management is a bit rough. Not much of passer but can find teammates in tight spaces when making short passes. On the rush, will go wide and beat defenders using brute strength, not always successful. Intriguing player because he plays a typical bottom-6 grinder role but he can also contribute on offense to greater degree than most grinders.

84) GREENWAY, JORDAN – USA U-18 – USHL – LW – 6’4.75″ 222       

Big strong power forward who plays with a physical edge

85) AHO, SEBASTIAN – KARPAT – FINLAND – RW – 5’11.25″ 172

Mobile, undersized forward, brings energy to the ice

86) SALITURO, DANTE – OTTAWA – OHL – C – 5’8.25″ 178     

Despite small stature, plays tough behind net. Can find the space needed to makes pass to the slot.

87) TKACHEV, VLADIMIR – QUEBEC – QMJHL – LW – 5’9.5″  144

Wow factor is there. Top shelf stickhandler. Good hard wrist shot with deceptive release. Hands are both soft and deceptively strong. Great edge work, slippery speed. Turnstile speed.


Smallish forward, good hands, good vision

89) KOVACS, ROBIN – AIK – SWEDEN-2 – RW – 6’0″  172 

Speedy winger, creative stickhandler, good work ethic, played over 50 games in 2nd highest SWE league and had 28 points already

90) GAWDIN, GLENN – SWIFT CURRENT – WHL – C – 6’0.5″  191  

Active stick in the forecheck. Quick release on wrister. Questions about footspeed prevent a higher ranking. See online report. Efficient skater, cuts well and possesses average mobility, light on his feet and can generate decent speed. Can beat defenders using speed, power and quickness, slow in transitions, good north-south player. Effortless wrist shot, finds seams with ease and stretches goaltenders, challenges goaltenders. Relatively confident with the puck, slows game down to his own pace, passes before he shoots. Confidence extends to puck handling, as his hands are soft and he can do some weaving through traffic. Relatively predictable despite confidence, easy to defend and often resorts to going wide on the rush. Sees the ice well at both ends, no faults in his hockey sense. Has a physical, strong stick and wins many stick battles. Uses strength and size effectively, can lean into defenders but isn’t a physical machine. Generally an effective two-way forward with decent work ethic but no real flair to his game, plays a vanilla game and isn’t particularly entertaining. Valuable due to the balance in his game but it’s difficult to predict how he’d make the transition to the NHL game because he’s fairly average at the junior level. Has the work ethic, offensive skill and versatility to make an impact, however.

91) MALGIN, DENIS – ZURICH – SWISS –  C –  5’8″  163   

See online report. Very slippery. Creative and exciting, but lack of muscle may leave him susceptible on smaller ice surface. Currently well suited to European rinks. Clever with the puck. Plus acceleration. Tricky wrist shot release.

92) BEAR, ETHAN – SEATTLE – WHL – D – 5’11” 200

Solid slap shot. Solid in transitions. Fairly effortless skater, is relatively nimble and gets across the ice easily, smooth skater in general. Moves best when going laterally, pretty seamless in transitions too]. Not exceedingly great, but a good, efficient skater overall, better than most defenders in the WHL. Smart, efficient passer, quickly finds productive outlets but will resort to simple chip outs if nothing is available. Decision making is questionable at times, seems to lose interest in the game or doesn’t engage as much as he should, poor decisions as a result. Stops skating at times and won’t commit as much as you’d expect him too, questions about his commitment at higher levels. Has a bomb of a slapshot and a wicked one-timer, he gets a ton of power in his release. Not a force defensively – despite efficient skating style, he gets beat wide often and seems to play a step behind the play. Plays like a junior player and little about his game screams “professional” other than production, should improve work ethic to breakthrough.

93) HOBBS, CONNOR – REGINA – WHL – D – 6’0.5″    187     

Awkward looking skater but gets around alright, moves much better going forward than backwards, smooth cuts and transitions. Decent puck manager but decisions are so-so. Looks for the elaborate stretch pass or complicated play before playing it simple, which is intriguing when executed properly but he doesn’t have the consistency to do that. Plays a pretty rough and rugged game, makes good contact and often hits to hurt, goes searching for hits but may put himself out of position when doing so. Can be tough to play against defensively because of his wild nature, when he makes contact you’ll be down for the count, not fun. Plays like he has something to prove, and makes some questionable decisions when trying to do that. Hockey sense as a whole is not near a professional level. Both on and off the puck he seems to draw attention to himself for the wrong reasons. Shot is strong but wild. Needs to tighten up considerably but has some decent raw tools. Hockey sense, decision making and a little restraint moving north and south will help the inexperienced defender.

94) FRONK, JIRI – CEDAR RAPIDS – USHL – RW  – 6’1.5″    191     

Good size, plus skating and edgework.


Good acceleration. Sharp passes from both forehand and backhand. Good hands. Scored goal on backhander from spot perpendicular to goal line. Solid finishing skills. Can carry and protect the puck through traffic. Can sometimes struggle to handle passes with zip if he has to stretch.

96) YUDIN, DMITRI – ST. PETERSBURG – RUSSIA – D – 6’2″  185 

Good shot. Saw him fire a one-timer to the top shelf. Can score from anywhere in the zone with his slap shot.

97) JAROS, CHRISTIAN – LULEA JR. – SWEDEN-JR. – D – 6’3″    201      

Willing shot blocker and decent acceleration. Proficient hipchecker will stop opposing player in his tracks.


Good offensive instincts, vision and distributes the puck very well.  Need to improve his physical play and strength in order to win more puck battles.

99) NOEL, NATHAN – SAINT JOHN – QMJHL – C – 5’10.75″  172

See scouting report. A scorer who plays with good pace. Could stand to improve in areas of strength and consistency.

100) SHAROV, ALEXANDER – TOGLIATTI – RUSSIA – LW – 6’2″  191    

Owns a hard, rising wrist shot – a weapon on the rush. Wrist shot a weapon. Able to find daylight behind goalie.

101) CARRIER, ALEXANDRE – GATINEAU – QMJHL – D – 5’11” 174     

102) BOOTH, CALLUM  – QUEBEC  – QMJHL – G – 6’2.75″ 199



105) SOY, TYLER – VICTORIA – WHL – C – 5’11.5″ 172

106) ESTEPHAN, GIORGIO – LETHBRIDGE – WHL – C – 6’0″    188

107) DESROCHER, STEPHEN – OSHAWA  – OHL – D – 6’3.75″ 198

108) KASE, DAVID – CHOMUTOV – CZREP-2 – RW  – 5’11” 169

109) HINTZ, ROOPE – ILVES – FINLAND – LW  – 6’2.5″    185

110) CERNAK, ERIK – KOSICE SLOVAKIA – D – 6’3″    203


112) MARSH, ADAM – SAINT JOHN – QMJHL – LW – 6’0″    160


114) IMPOSE, AUGUSTE – GENEVE JR. – SWISS-JR. – C – 5’9.75″ 180

115) TAMMELA, JONNE – KALPA  – FINLAND – RW – 5’10” 180


117) CAPOBIANCO, KYLE – SUDBURY – OHL – D – 6’1″  178

118) LINDGREN, JESPER  – MODO JR. – SWEDEN-JR. – D – 6’0″    161

119) SANDSTROM, FELIX – BRYNAS JR. –  SWEDEN-JR.  – G – 6’2″    191

120) MCKENZIE, BRETT – NORTH BAY – OHL – C – 6’1.75″ 190

121) CECCONI, JOSEPH – MUSKEGON – USHL – D – 6’2.25″ 209

122) RICHARD, ANTHONY – VAL-D’OR – QMJHL – C – 5’9.5″    163

123) FITZGERALD, CASEY  – USA U-18 – USHL – D – 5’10.5″ 186

124) MASONIUS, JOSEPH – USA U-18 – USHL – D – 6’0.25″ 190

125) MORRISON, BRAD – PRINCE GEORGE – WHL – C – 5’11.5″ 154

126) CIRELLI, ANTHONY – OSHAWA – OHL – C – 5’11.5″ 160

127) RADKE, ROY – BARRIE – OHL – RW – 6’2.5″ 203

128) RIAT, DAMIEN – MALMO JR. – SWEDEN-JR. – LW  – 5’11.75″ 165

129) SIDEROFF, DEVEN – KAMLOOPS – WHL – RW – 5’11” 171

130) REDDEKOPP, CHAZ – VICTORIA – WHL – D – 6’3.25″ 219

131) TOMEK, MATEJ – TOPEKA  –  NAHL – G  – 6’2.5″    180

132) WARREN, BRENDAN –  USA U-18 – USHL – LW  – 6’0.25″ 191

133) STRAND, AUSTIN – RED DEER – WHL – D – 6’3.25″ 194

134) HUNT, DRYDEN –  MEDICINE HAT – WHL – LW – 6’0″  199

135) LUFF, MATT – BELLEVILLE – OHL – RW  – 6’1.5″ – 179

136) BOURAMMAN, GUSTAV – SAULT STE. MARIE – OHL – D – 5’11.25″ 184

137) KARNAUKHOV, PAVEL – CALGARY – WHL – LW  – 6’2.5″ 194

138) MCBRIDE, NICK – PRINCE ALBERT – WHL – G – 6’3.5″ 179

139) HILL, ADIN –  PORTLAND – WHL  – G – 6’3.5″    198

140) WHITE, COLTON – SAULT STE. MARIE – OHL – D – 6’0″    182

141) MCNIVEN, MICHAEL – OWEN SOUND – OHL – G – 6’0.75″ 221

142) STEPHENS, DEVANTE – KELOWNA – WHL – D – 6’1.25″ 171

143) AHO, SEBASTIAN – SKELLEFTEA – SWEDEN – D – 5’9.25″ 165

144) ZBOROVSKIY, SERGEY – REGINA – WHL – D – 6’3″    198

145) BRADLEY, MATTHEW – MEDICINE HAT – WHL – C – 5’11.25″ 187

146) FRANZEN, GUSTAF – KITCHENER – OHL – C – 5’10.75″ 173

147) LEVEILLE, LOIK – CAPE BRETON – QMJHL – D – 5’11.5″ 223

148) GENNARO, MATTEO – PRINCE ALBERT – WHL – C – 6’2.25″ 187

149) PARSELLS, ADAM – WAUSAU WEST – HIGH-WI – D – 6’5.5″    192

150) WILKIE, CHRISTOPHER – TRI-CITY – USHL – RW  – 5’11.5″ 199

151) PAPIRNY, JORDAN – BRANDON – WHL – G – 6’0.5″ 173

152) DAVIS, KEVIN – EVERETT – WHL – D – 5’11.75″ 183

153) MILLER, DAVID- KITCHENER – OHL – C – 5’8.5″180

154) APPLEBY, KEN – OSHAWA – OHL – G – 6’4″ 205

155) PERESSINI, LUCAS – KINGSTON – OHL – G – 6’2.25″ 198

156) STEZKA, ALES – LIBEREC JR. – CZREP-JR. – G – 6’3.25″ 178

157) SCHNEIDER, NICK – MEDICINE HAT – WHL – G -6′ 1.75″ 160

158) TEXEIRA, KEONI – PORTLAND – WHL – D – 5’11.75″  208

159) LARKIN, RYAN – CEDAR RAPIDS – USHL – G – 6’0.5″ 192

160) ASKEW, CAMERON – MONCTON – QMJHL – C – 6’2.25″ 203

161) TERRY, TROY – USA U-18 – USHL – C/RW  – 5’10.5″ 160

162) PAWLENCHUK, GRAYSON – RED DEER – WHL – LW – 5’11.5″ 183

163) OLSON, TATE – PRINCE GEORGE – WHL – D – 6’2.25″ 174

164) PARENTEAU, RYLAN –  PRINCE ALBERT – WHL – G – 6’0.5″    191

165) WEINGER, EVAN –  PORTLAND – WHL – RW – 5’11.25″ 184



168) HENLEY, DAVID – CHARLOTTETOWN – QMJHL – D – 6’4.5″    203

169) ROBERTSON, TYLER – EDMONTON – WHL – LW –  6’2″ 180


171) PFEIFER, TRISTEN – EVERETT – WHL – D – 6’4″ 180

172) SMALLMAN, SPENCER – SAINT JOHN – QMJHL – RW  – 6’0.5″  184


174) MCGAULEY, TIM – BRANDON – WHL – C – 6’0″ 175

175) BONDRA, RADOVAN – KOSICE – SLOVAKIA – RW – 6’5.25″ 220

176) GODLA, DENIS – BRATISLAVA – RUSSIA – G – 5’11” 176

177) HUSKA, ADAM – GREEN BAY – USHL – G  – 6’3.25″ 189

178) GOULET, ALEXANDRE  –  CHARLOTTETOWN  – QMJHL  – C  – 5’11.5″ 195

179) VAINIO, VEETI – BLUES JR. – FINLAND-JR. – D – 6’1.75″ 169

180) TUULOLA, JONI – HPK – FINLAND – D – 6’2.5″    180

181) LABERGE, SAMUEL – RIMOUSKI  – QMJHL  – LW – 6’1.5″    206

182) STENLUND, KEVIN – HV 71 JR. – SWEDEN-JR. – C – 6’3″    205

183) FOX, TRENT – BELLEVILLE – OHL – C – 6’2″    190

184) BOURQUE, SIMON – RIMOUSKI – QMJHL – D – 6’0.25″ 184

185) NIKU, SAMI – JYP 2 – FINLAND-2 – D – 6’0.5″ 176

186) ADDISON, JEREMIAH – OTTAWA – OHL – LW – 5’11.75″ 182

187) HARDING, SAM – OSHAWA – OHL – C – 5’11” 170

188) MARODY, COOPER – SIOUX FALLS – USHL – C  – 6’0.25″ 173

189) MURPHY, MATTHEW  – QUEBEC – QMJHL – D – 6’2.25″ 208

190) MYERS, PHILIPPE – ROUYN-NORANDA – QMJHL – D –  6’4.75″ 196

191) ALAIN, ALEXANDRE – GATINEAU – QMJHL – C – 6’0.25″ 173

192) LAISHRAM, ADAM – BELLEVILLE – OHL – RW  – 5’8.5″ 158

193) MCCOOL, HAYDEN – WINDSOR – OHL – C – 6’3″    200

194) BETZ, NICK – ERIE – OHL – RW – 6’4.25″ 220

195) KARRER, ROGER – GCK ZURICH – SWISS-2 – D – 5’11.25″ 172

196) PHILP, LUKE – KOOTENAY – WHL – C  – 5’9.25″ 180


198) MCFADDEN, GARRETT – GUELPH – OHL – D – 5’10.5″ 180

199) TAVERNIER, SAMI – HIFK JR. – FINLAND-JR. – LW  – 5’11.75″  174

200) GARDINER, REID – PRINCE ALBERT – WHL – C/RW  – 5’10.5″ 187

201) HISCHIER, LUCA – VISP – SWISS-2 – C – 6’1.5″  191

202) LALONDE, BRADLEY –  CAPE BRETON – QMJHL – D – 6’0.5″ 193

203) YOUNAN, ALEXANDER – HV 71 JR – SWEDEN-JR.- D – 6’0.75″ 189

204) PICCO, ANDREW – RIMOUSKI – QMJHL – D – 6’3″  216



207) DRAUDE, TERRELL – CALGARY – WHL – C – 6’3″ 226

208) SOUSTAL, TOMAS – KELOWNA – WHL – C – 6’3” 198

209) MOYNIHAN, CONNOR – HALIFAX – QMJHL – LW – 6’3.75″ 211

210) VOROBYOV, MIKHAIL – UFA 2 RUSSIA-JR. – C – 6’2″    194

211) BRODECKI, ADAM – BRYNAS-SWEDEN – LW – 5’11” 167

18 thoughts on “Hockey Prospectus Top 100 draft eligible prospects

    • Thank you for the compliment and for catching that. When I get home, I’ll double check to see if the second mention (68 is the right ranking) was instead of someone else, or just a brain fart.

  1. Awesome list I look forward to it every year. How strong do you guys think this years draft is? As good as 2003?

    • Thanks, Shane! I think this draft is the strongest we have seen in some time. Insanely strong on top, and only gradually petering down with potential top-half of lineup guys still available late in the second.

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  7. Ryan. For next yrs draft you should mention how not everyone likes M.McLeod, Just like how McDonalds refused Israels request to set up in the occupied West Bank, full of racist & illegal settlements w/in the Israeli Apartheid state

    • Kevin. Thanks for reading, but we’re going to keep the politics out of the draft discussion. MacDavids was brought in as a funny story. The article is about draft prospects. I will avoid the temptation to take the bait on the other issue you have brought up.

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    • Really. I am less concerned about overagers than most. Hisbtool set as a prospect has few matches in this class. If he was a CHL prospect instead of a Russian, he would have been a top 45 guy two years ago. That said, I was too low on Larsson.

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