Hockey Prospectus Big 2016 Draft Board

This year, for the first time since 2006, the first presumptive first overall pick of the NHL Entry Draft will not be a graduate of one of the CHL leagues. And for the first time since 2004, the primary pick will have played in a European league in his draft year. And for the first time since 2000, the smart money says that none of the first three picks in the draft will come from the CHL. If everything goes according to expectation, 2016 will mark the first time that each of the first three draft picks will have played their draft eligible season in Europe.

Before commencing with Hockey Prospectus’ official draft board, including a detailed ranking of the top 211 draft eligible prospects, I should acknowledge the hard work put into this project by the Hockey Prospectus scouting team. In addition to my own scouting and evaluations, this list would not have been possible without the labors of (in no particular order) Craig Smith, Kevin Olexson, Dennis Schellenberg, Alessandro Seren Rosso, Jason Lewis, Miika Arponen, Jimmy Hamrin, Krist Hayes and Scott Crawford. Their keen eye for talent and dedication to the great game of hockey is all over this list.

Without further ado:

Rank      Player                                   Team     League Pos.       Height   Weight Score     Comments

1              AUSTON MATTHEWS     ZURICH SWISS   C             6’1.5″     210         67.25     A solid skater, but not his style to rush the puck/zone. Have yet to see him lay out and accelerate. Speed is sneaky fast. Seems to be taking it easy, as he breezes through the neutral zone with the puck. Body control is very good. Changes direction smoothly. Has the ability to get himself into shooting position rapidly from any previous relative positioning. Owns an excellent wrist shot. Can hit the net from distance even though he usually shoots from closer to the net, where a powerful shot is not as useful. Fired a beauty while moving backwards near the blueline that was tipped in by a teammate. Excellent wrist shot. Near elite. Very quick to transition from puck scrum to offensive attack. Can lower his head and bull rush through coverage. Great hands. Can take pass in his skates and kick it out to his stick without breaking stride. Very strong hands. Dangling made easy. Pretty much always the most dangerous player on the ice. Has the hand-eye coordination to time a swing on a bouncing puck so as to drive it netwards. Great hand-eye coordination. Standing in the crease, he got the puck with his back to the net and juggled it, turning to face the goalie and then batted it in from 2 feet off the ice. Great puck possession skills useful down low. Great using his skates as extra sticks when it comes to puck handing. Likes to survey the zone form the halfwall on his off (right) wing. Positions himself well to become an option for a pass if he doesn’t have the puck in the O-zone. Will look for the pass in situations where others will look to shoot. Gets involved physically to defend teammates. Physical in the offensive sense. Shields puck and arms well with big rear and strong legs.

2              PATRIK LAINE    TAPPARA             FINLAND              RW         6’4.0″     206         65.75     His top speed is solid. Good burst of speed. Gets faster as momentum grows. Has nice moves to side step big hits. Has a quick trigger to his shot. Can one-time from the Stamkos-zone. A true sniper. Very quick to transition from pass receipt to positioning his body to take a wrist shot. The shot itself is elite. Slap shot is also very strong. Not just a sniper – can set up shots for teammates as well. Uses defenses well to shield his shooting intentions. Plays trailer to perfection. Will finish checks, but technique needs work. Doesn’t shy from physical play, but it isn’t natural.

3              JESSE PULJUJARVI           KARPAT FINLAND              RW         6’3.5″     203         64.75     Very good skater – has nice small space acceleration. Gives him an advantage when racing for loose pucks. Plus skater. Want to see a fifth gear because I am spoiled. Doesn’t need a lot of open net to score. Very quick trigger. Can shrug off checker even while working through his finishing moves. Great passing vision. Great passer – can really thread the needle. Reads goalies well. Exceptional two-way game, not just for his age, but for any hockey player. Good at fighting for real estate near the crease.

4              JAKOB CHYCHRUN          SARNIA OHL        D             6’2.0″     215         64.5        Good puck skills for a blueliner. High end top speed. Sniper’s wrist shot with great release. One touch from left side to top right corner. Some tunnel vision. May think he can do everything so will forget the presence of opponent, to his team’s detriment. Keeps an eye on both puck and mark in own zone. Not puck watching. Gets involved in O-zone frequently. Good gap work, closes well and will ride his man to the boards. Does things on the ice that remind of Hedman or Doughty. Higher upside than any blueliner in this draft and it isn’t particularly close.

5              ALEXANDER NYLANDER                MISSISSAUGA    OHL        LW          6’0.5″     179         63.5        Not a physical player.  Has a hard wrister. Great speed. Separation ability when carrying the puck. Straight ahead speed is average, although his agility is plus-plus. Has a hard slapshot and wrist shot is a wire. Great vision with the puck, sees passing lanes well. Great finishing moves when in all alone. Fantastic hands. Great puck skills. A dynamic player. Can do it all himself. Near elite wrist shot. One-timer also pretty sharp.

6              MATTHEW TKACHUK     LONDON              OHL        LW          6’1.25″  195         62.75     Quick and sharp pivots. Sniper’s wrist shot. Will use the D as a screen. Very good hands. Plays puck nicely. Good hand-eye coordination for tips. Quick hands, can pick a tiny opening. Will plant himself right in front of the crease for screens. Reads the defenses well. Lives in the paint. Smart enough to use defenders to screen his shots, making them that much more effective. Likes to skate with the puck behind the net and look for pass play from there – either a backdoor drop before going directly behind the net, or a forward pass to the far side of the net. Defensively responsible. Makes smart plays in own zone. Will not force a pass. Likes quick passes – give-and-go. Swiped a puck by his own blueline from a cycling opponent and started a 2-on-1 break for USA. Plays the Marleau to Marner’s Thornton with London. Fantastic down low. Plays along the red line, collects short pass from Marner and finds the best option in front of the net for a goal. Shows solid vision. Solid wrist shot can pick from the high danger areas. Great hand-eye coordination to open scoring in Mem Cup final. Showed some puck skill in toe dragging past Neveu in OT of the Final, using the Dman as a natural screen and beating the goalie on the short side. Very strong wrister.

7              OLLI JUOLEVI     LONDON              OHL        D             6’2.5″     179         62           Plus mobility. Has a slapshot fit for a QB. Can execute very sharp break passes. Really effective when engaging in the O-zone. Good puck protection skills. Helps a lot when he engages in the rush. Will lead rush if the opportunity presents itself. Good vision in O-zone. Strong upper body helps in puck protection. Jumps up to support the offense very well, helps to unbalance the defense. Keeps tight gaps. Can stick to a good puck handler like Red Deer’s Spacek, giving no room for maneuvering. Plays PK. Good defending a rush. Tracks man, shuts him down.

8              PIERRE-LUC DUBOIS       CAPE BRETON    QMJHL  C/LW     6’2.5″     202         62 (as a C)           Good skater, uses his size well and is a good passer. Could shoot a bit more. Great strength to fight off defenders and uses his size to protect the puck. Great puck distribution. Very cerebral player – is hockey IQ helps the rest of his skills play up. Heady player. Has an active stick. Stole a puck just outside the O-zone, drove the zone, performed a give and go with Laberge and finished past a sprawling netminder. Rates higher as a C than as a W.

9              CLAYTON KELLER              USA U-18             USHL     C             5’9.5″     168         61           Quick and agile. Slippery. Tricky shot release – like a changeup. Designed to make the goalie go down before the release. Wrist shot is solid. High confidence level. Will try highlight reel dangles. Very clever. Blink and you’ll miss it. Sees the ice uniquely. Good faceoff technique. Responsible enough for PK. Will get involved in the D-zone when he feels he can help regain possession. Can puck watch when he doesn’t have an opening for the puck. Physicality is minimal to his game. Creative dangler. Very fast with the puck. Will play PK. Responsible enough to kill time with puck instead of charging. One sequence from the U18 illustrated his style – Keller skated into the zone at top speed and hit the brakes around the faceoff dot, allowing his coverage to slide right past him. As a backside shooting lane opened up, he sniped one past the netminder. Great anticipation.

10           MICHAEL MCLEOD           MISSISSAUGA    OHL        C             6’2.25″  188         60.5        Plays PK. Great fluid skater. Agile and slick with the puck. Will play very physically. Tracks back, 200ft guy. Intriguing upside. Great acceleration. High man on forecheck. Many of his goals come from speed and stickhandling and a quick trigger. Actual shot power not special. Speed, hands, passing, two-way play.

11           CHARLES MCAVOY          BOSTON UNIVERSITY      H-EAST D             6’0.25″  208         60           Big hitter. Likes to line them up for an open-ice take down and can time it well. Has good mobility and closing speed. Will use his stick masterfully to poke away pucks from opposing forwards as he uses a very long stick. Will frequently leave his feet to make a big hit, can lead to penalty trouble if he isn’t careful. Good mobility, body control. Prefers the simple pass to begin the transition. Ie. D-to-D. Hard hitting blueliner. His physical game does not extend necessarily to plays where he must fight for space from a standing position. Good passer. Uses stick to narrow gaps in coverage. Likes to hit. Impressive recovery ability – gives him the confidence to headhunt. Loves back passes Very agile – smooth circumnavigating the point. Overly aggressive – will get into penalty trouble. Tenacious defender. Hard to shake. Good passer, but wrist shot is mediocre. Slap shot can be used as a weapon.

12           LUKE KUNIN       U OF WISCONSIN             BIG10    C             5’11.75″                193         59.5        Good acceleration. Plays on PK. High tempo motor. Chases the play instead of controlling an area/zone. Will hang out in the crease area when the Badgers have the zone. Quick wrist shot release- – can even work when skating with the puck behind his body. Very chippy player, liable to scrum. Solid on the give and go. Very aggressive physically. Stickhandling is solid. He is adept at fighting off stickchecks while he carries the puck. Plays on first PK, but can be drawn out of position due to his natural aggressiveness. Aggressive penalty killing is coupled with solid anticipation, allowing him to break up plays and rush up the ice on a shorthanded break-away. Passes are solid, if not overly creative. He can stickhandle through a crowd, but more through speed and hand strength than by virtue of anything overly fancy. Similar in puck play to a Matthew Tkachuk.

13           ALEXANDER DEBRINCAT               ERIE       OHL        RW         5’7.0″     163         59.5        Has a burst of speed, which is necessary at his size. Can be eaten up in his own zone. He is quick and plays in dirty areas, but I question his ability to keep up with less room in the pros. Not the height that bothers me but the slight frame. His skating and agility is instantly puts him amongst the best skaters in the NHL. He has an incredible release and great accuracy when shooting. He will be one of the smallest players in the league. Don’t be fooled he is not hindered by his small stature. He has good balance and leg strength and when combined with his agility allows him to be successful against larger players.

14           MIKHAIL SERGACHEV    WINDSOR            OHL        D             6’2.5″     206         59.25     Will use his wrist shot from the blue line. Lines up hits, but lacking the expected effect. Calm. good ability to tie up forwards cleanly. Will engage in the offensive zone and start the cycle. Plus puck recovery skills. Tough in the corners. Fantastic point shot. Ankle breaking slapper.

15           DANTE FABBRO                 PENTICTON        BCHL      D             6’0.25″  189         59.25     Fabbro’s stats show his exceptional offensive abilities, but he’s also very solid in his own end of the ice. He’s a great puck moving defenseman who is very mobile, and likes to jump into the play. He shows great poise with the puck, and makes good decisions under pressure. He makes precise passes breaking out of the zone in transition, and makes the long pass with ease setting up odd man rushes or breakaways. He’s strong on his feet and doesn’t shy away from physical play. He’s very good with his stick, and reads plays very well. With Fabbro playing in Penticton, he doesn’t receive the exposure of most of the top ranked prospects, but he’s a top tier defenseman that will probably be overshadowed by others who are located in bigger markets. Overall Fabbro has the skills and potential to be a top four defenseman in the NHL, and next season will be seasoned at Boston University.

16           TYSON JOST       PENTICTON        BCHL      C             5’11.25″                191         59           Jost is a very special player who has had success at all levels, and possesses all of the skills necessary to be successful at an even higher level. He gets overlooked by playing in the BCHL as he doesn’t get the exposure of a lot of other top ranked players, but don’t be fooled, he’s a can’t miss prospect. Jost is the leader and captain of his team at the age of 17, and has earned the respect of his peers and teammates. He has a tremendous work ethic, is determined to succeed, and shows an exemplary attitude both on and off the ice. He’s a great skater with lots of speed, superb vision, and has a great deal of confidence. He’s versatile as he can play in all situations, and plays well at both ends of the ice. He goes hard to the net, and makes something happen every time he’s on the ice. He’s a huge offensive talent who thinks and plays the game at an elite level, and will develop into a top six forward in the NHL. He plays in a system that allows him to utilize his speed, and has the freedom to show off his creativity and playmaking ability.

17           GERMAN RUBTSOV         TEAM RUSSIA U18           RUSSIA-JR.          C             6’2.0″     178         59           Rubtsov is first-round material, a player with excellent hockey sense and puck skills, who has to work on some areas (physical play, faceoffs, overall defensive play), but that has all the tools to become a prolific player even at the NHL level. His smarts will allow him to overcome his small size issues.

18           WADE ALLISON TRI-CITY               USHL     RW         6’1.75″  205         58.75     Physical player. Power winger game. Good sized frame. Goes hard to the net. Plays on PK. Needs to be more decisive in his own zone. Good hands and a nose for the net will make him a drawer of penalties. Shows he can set up as well as shoot by creating a goal on a two-on-one with a nicely timed pass evading the covering defenseman. Above average speed. Can make plays with the puck. Active in own zone, puck pursuit. Not a puck watcher. Solid skater. Good first few steps, gets to top speed quickly. Above average top speed. Can play a puck retrieval game. Can toe drag. Very good closing speed. Charges the net hard. Can take faceoffs with good technique, too, slipping the stick behind the opponent and then shoving the puck backwards to the point. Plays on PK. Disruptive. Senses an opportunity to hit an opponent and pounces. Reads situations well. When D-man led the rush, he hung back near the point so as not to overload the attack. Tracks back well. Gets in tight to puck carrier. Strong wrister. Can backhand as well.

19           LOGAN BROWN                WINDSOR            OHL        C             6’6.0″     222         58.5        Quick release on wrister. A net crasher. Very strong. Man strength. good passing skills/vision. Good player to have on a two on one – can charge the net or dish with good timing. A very heavy load. Has good skill. Can control the puck. Has a sharp one-timer. A player this size will always make scouts dream. He will be a good one undoubtedly, but I am not yet positive that he will be much more than Brian Boyle.

20           KIEFFER BELLOWS            USA U-18             USHL     LW          6’0.0″     196         58.25     Decent skater, but not a blazer. Plus wrist shot – very good actually. Quick release and powerful. Very much a shoot first guy. Selfish with puck. Can dangle. Selfish not just with the puck. Dirty and unnecessary hit (after the play had moved on) led to a five minute major. Hard hitter. With his tools, it is reasonable to expect more.

21           JAKE BEAN          CALGARY             WHL       D             5’11.75″                173         57.25     Likes to rush, can pick up speed but not lights-out, more fluid and calm but capable of beating the average opponent, lateral speed and agility is smooth and cerebral. Moves very well laterally and backwards, can beat opponents on dump ins. Show incredible dynamism and fluidity at times. Uses backhand though weak. Firm wrister and one timer, surprisingly accurate and quick release. Wrist shot can find twine, given some time he can pull an accurate shot. Has a bomb of a wrist shot, very accurate quick release. Tremendously accurate shot at times. QBs power play. Impeccable release, incredibly accurate. NHL ready shot, shiftiness with the puck, doesn’t show his cards, spot-on decision making most of the time. Good puck carrying senses, likes to carry and does so effectively, gets zone with possession. Makes well-timed dumps and retains possession. Smooth passer, confidence on the puck. Shows creativity and dangles heading north, very impressive for a d-man. Consistently makes his sound, firm and accurate passes in all three zones, though stops moving hands and feet before passing at times. Incredibly evasive with the puck. Ton of confidence in the blue line. Guilty of some bad turnovers with pressure at times. Makes improbable passes that not only find teammates but are productive. Loves to skate with the puck and takes it right to the net. Some dangles. Erik Karlsson type of player (high praise). Spin-o-rama. Has confidence. Eager to jump up in the play. Just lacks elite level speed and strength, looks like he’s missing something at times. Makes smart pinches. A little soft on the puck at times. Makes good decisions when under pressure, executes, though with no passing lanes he can hold onto the puck a second too long. Straddles the line elitely, and highly capable of finding a productive man. Not a sublime defender, but is absolutely not a liability. Positioning prevents shot attempts on the rush. Plays tight position defense, understands when to take the pass and when to take the shooter, Good blade to blade defensive game. Smart puck distributor, particularly first pass and on the blue line. Forces opponents wide on defense. Plays like a rover at times. Has improved tremendously on defense. Seems to explode and really come alive on the power play. Plays the game with pride and sophistication. Doesn’t have significant strength or intensity. Not physical, D game is a bit tame, doesn’t engage with body or stick but is good at forcing bad angles. Suffocates, doesn’t rough up. Remains composed despite rough stuff. Vast majority of points scored on the power play – is this a bad thing? Size/strength and good but not great defending (I don’t really see him being a shut-down guy at the pro-level) need improvement but one hell of a player.

22           VITALY ABRAMOV           GATINEAU          QMJHL  RW         5’8.75″  172         57.25     Agility allows him to overcome his smaller size. First 2-3 steps need improvement. Speedy, highly offensively skilled, hard-working and very productive winger. Puck skills and hockey IQ are both very high end. Consistency is not always present, but between his size and nationality, his overall game will break some prejudices.

23           RILEY TUFTE       BLAINE HIGH-MN            LW          6’4.75″  205         57.25     Handles the puck very well. Above average skater – especially for his size. Plays a very physical game. Tough to scout due to variable nature of his opponents. He dominated high school hockey in Minnesota – a good state as far as high school hockey goes, but high school nonetheless. When he got back to Fargo towards the end of the year, he showed he could score at the higher level, although he did not dominate. Has plus hands and uses his size well to disrupt in the offensive zone. The most raw projected first rounder.

24           TYLER BENSON VANCOUVER     WHL       LW          5’11.75″                201         57.25     Excellent mobility, speed, extremely strong stance, very powerful. Drives hard and doesn’t relent with the puck on entries. Will explode if given a lane. Awkward skating stance. Quick snap/wrist, solid strength, solid accuracy. Quick release, has a goal scoring ability to get puck high and quick when close to the net. Passes connect and are productive. Touted as a playmaker and passer though I don’t see it. He passes well and has good decision making but I wouldn’t compare him to a Barzal or another recent consummate playmaker. Good puck handler, heads always on a swivel. Creative with the puck and can execute. Good creative vision with the puck. Pervasive, seems to be where the puck is or is going. Decision-making slows as he slows down himself, kind of strange. Positionally aware, shows ability to cut off passing and shooting lanes, blocks shots, definite two-way guy. Offensive guy and a consummate 200-foot player. Mature player, aware of positioning and plays with passion. Tries to do too much at times – could be a product of wearing the C as a 17-year old, lots of pressure on this young man. Will engage physically if available, especially defensively. Heavy hitter and has the strength and tenacity to go right to the slot and execute. Tough to contain given strength and creativity. With speed, he looks excellent, in tight and slow situations, not so much. Plays like Jamie Benn. Two-way forward, leader and productive. Another safe bet. Will be an NHL captain in no time.

25           JONATHAN DAHLEN       TIMRA  SWEDEN-2          C             5’11.25″                176         56.75     Dahlén is a constant threat for defenders with his great vision, agility, puck skills and quick and accurate wrist shot. He developed greatly during this season and I think he can be a surprise first round pick that turns out well. He was a 17/18 year-old who played all season against men in the second highest league in Sweden. He was the top scorer on a low scoring team and led the team in a comeback from behind to make the playoffs. Outside of these characteristics he is a mature young kid with leadership qualities. He seems to handle pressure well and performed his best hockey during his team’s playoff run. He needs to keep developing all his assets of course but especially add more muscle and a bit more speed to be able to do the things he does so well today on a top 6 role in an NHL-team.

26           JULIEN GAUTHIER           VAL-D’OR            QMJHL  RW         6’3.5″     225         56.5        Great size, strength and deceptively fast skater. Can blow by defenders to the outside and has a wicked shot and release. Pure goal scorer. Will drive to the net with power. Generally skates with a long stride befitting his height, but will shorten it up to accelerate. Net front player. Shows an ability to read the play – can intercept passes and help disrupt the transition game and maintain his team’s attack. Plays the crease and can create havoc there with strength and positioning. Has man strength. Not only will he establish a place in front of the net, but he’ll give it to any defender who tries to get in his way – a two fist shove, or maybe a crosscheck. Drives the crease.

27           MAX JONES        LONDON              OHL        LW          6’3.0″     205         56.5        Good first step – impressive at his size. Bullish puck carrier. Proficient at carrying on his backhand as he leads with his hips, creating space. Goes hard to the net – has good wheels. Can play with his back to the net as well, shrugging off defenders. Plays PK. A bit reckless defending – way too many PIMs. Decent power to his wrist shot. Can beat the goalie five hole from the faceoff dot given time to aim. Not clear his release is that quick. Imagine if Brad Marchand was really as big as he played.

28           WILLIAM BITTEN              FLINT     OHL        C             5’9.75″  167         56.25     Bitten plays an aggressive offensive game that is dangerous for any defensive player. He showed he has the poise to play a creative offensive style with his skating and stick handling abilities, but he has to tone down his aggressiveness to avoid putting his team at a disadvantage. His impressive work ethic will continue to develop his already incredible skill set that he may go on to be a top six forward in the NHL if he is developed properly in the AHL for a few years.

29           TRENT FREDERIC              USA U-18             USHL     C             6’1.75″  203         56.25     Good edge work. Shot is solid-average. At least average as a stick handler. On first team PK for the USNTDP and will take that role with him to the collegiate ranks next year and the professional leagues soon thereafter. Heady player, reads play exceptionally well. Plus shot release and velo on his wrist shot. Has a plus backhander as well. Great reads and anticipation. High intelligence player. Good stride, protects puck well at speed. Good playmaking skills. Easy to overlook, but will be a very good pro.

30           SAM STEEL          REGINA WHL       C             5’11.0″  177         56           Quite mobile. Can pick up speed quite easily. Wide stance. Has a good first step and can get to top speed quickly. Quick release, but not a true weapon. Swift stick work. Passes in the offensive zone are effective. Offensive catalyst – likes to make plays on the rush and takes the puck often through the neutral zone, maintains possession. Decent faceoff man, will win over 50%. Has dangles, can deceptively get past defenders with moves and good speed, good agility and general mobility.  Drives the puck to the net often. Has the shiftiness to get by multiple defenders. Makes adept passes into the slot on the power play, good vision with the puck. Lightning fast feet and hands. Supportive in the D zone. Ok positioning. Can create scoring chances and draw penalty during PK. Deployed in many situations. Frequently forces turnovers, creates chances off the rush from nothing using speed and work ethic. Courageous and brave – makes plays that make you say “woah”. High IQ offensively and defensively, adept passer. Wherever puck is, he is. Looks and plays like a natural C, supporting defense and playing in the middle of the ice well. Defensively aware and in good position but doesn’t really pose a threat. All situations player. Seems to be most effective coming on the rush with the puck and speed, less effective when forced to make a play in offensive zone. Willing to battle but not super physical. Often deployed in offensive situations.

31           RYAN LINDGREN              USA U-18             USHL     D             5’11.5″  198         55.5        Average to slightly above average skater. Long range wrist shot is strong enough. Good hand-eye coordination. Very safe – simple plays. Not swinging for the fences, but just keeping the line moving. Solid point shot. Will step up to support the attack. The more I see of him, the more I like. Very good presence of mind, plus puck skills.

32           DILLON DUBE    KELOWNA           WHL       C             5’10.25″                180         55.5        Dube is a shifty playmaking center with great speed and vision. He has a definite scoring touch, goes to the net hard, keeps his stick on the ice, and feasts on playing in the slot. He sees and reads the game very well, keeps his head up, and makes things happen. He has good hand eye coordination and commendable stickhandling and puck possession skills. He’s always able to get his stick on the puck, and reads and anticipate the play as it develops. He works hard at both ends of the ice, is responsible in his own end of the ice and plays in all situations.

33           TYLER PARSONS                               LONDON              OHL        G             6’1.25″  184         55.5        Quick glove hand, steady. Butterfly style. Focus demonstrated by his sharpness even though shots against tend to be far between tending for the fantastic London club. Can poke check. Very sharp reactions. Impressive compete level, fighting for pucks in crowds. Admittedly loves to scramble. He has mastered the Stand-Up style to almost perfection. His glove and stick are his best attributes along with his speed. He may not be an athletic goalie but it is evident that he puts in the work to improve on every aspect of his game.

34           REM PITLICK      MUSKEGON       USHL     C             5’9.25″  196         55.5        One of the better shooters in the USHL. Pure goal scorer. Very fast skater. Very good hands in tight. Slippery skater. Quick to backcheck. In charge of zone entries when he is on the ice. Very good passing skills, short ones or wide ones. Can pick up an extra gear to skate around a blueliner and drive the net. Finishes his checks and engages his man physically, generally playing bigger than his listed measurements. 2nd year eligible, but took gigantic strides this season for the Lumberjacks going from 16 points in 2014-15 to 89 this year.

35           RASMUS ASPLUND         FARJESTAD         SWEDEN              C             5’11.0″  176         55.25     Has a strong burst of speed. Very strong wrist shot. Not a consistent shot in terms of its quality. Hands may be a bit stiff. Nifty puck carrier. Has playmaking capabilities. Good timing, placement on a set up pass made from the corner. Plays on PK. Sees the ice well. Good, creative passer. Projects to a middle sic center role at the highest level.

36           MAX ZIMMER    CHICAGO             USHL     LW          5’11.75″                187         55.25     Good wheels. Discipline a question. Quick hands. Can play an E-W game with the puck. Good awareness. Senses steal opportunities and acts without hesitation. Showed a solid wrist shot with a quick release. Solid play to swipe puck from defender in the corner, circle into the slot and fire a decent wrister. He flies by open areas in the offensive zone, but doesn’t stay there for long enough to turn himself into a pass option. He is OK in his own zone. A proficient stick lifter. Some passes are inspired. Turned his game up in the last quarter of the year. His numbers were affected by the very regressive (dump and chase) system employed by the Steel.

37           JAKE RYCZEK      WATERLOO         USHL     D             5’10.0″  181         55           Decent shot with a quick release. Can stickhandle more than a little and has some juke to his game. Uses his stick to help manage his gaps and can poke pucks away from attackers. Somewhat effective at it. Plays high on the PP and seems to slow the game down with the puck on his stick. Comfortable unleashing both wrist and slap shots. Better accuracy on the wrist shot. Will play physical – saw him reach for a hip check, but it isn’t a natural course of action for him. Better when using his stick. Good gap control. Can shorten up stride to stop speedy opposing forwards in their tracks. In your face when closing gaps. Doesn’t jump into rush too much. Has a solid wrister. Mobile, tracks well on D. Heading to Providence for next season.

38           MITCHELL ELIOT               MUSKEGON       USHL     D             5’11.5″  188         55           Solid puck carrier with a burst of speed and puck control. Very responsible in his own zone. Killed off 2-man disadvantage of over 1 full minute. Good coverage, can keep up with high end speed on a break. Plays physical and can be central to the attack. Committed to Michigan State.

39           IVAN KOSORENKOV        TEAM RUSSIA U18           RUSSIA-JR.          RW         5’11.0″  183         55           A great raw talent with some holes in his game in the defensive side. He also tends to overplay the puck at times, as he still plays too much in a junior hockey style, while he should be focusing a bit more in passing the puck and getting back. That being said, he has great hands and excellent skating abilities, and put in the right situation he can produce on a regular way in any team.

40           EVAN FITZPATRICK          SHERBROOKE     QMJHL  G             6’2.5″     222         55           Butterfly-style goalie. Good glove hand. A workhorse netminder in the QMJHL, Fitzpatrick displays advanced understanding of the butterfly style, and play reading. Prototypical goalie build.

41           VICTOR METE    LONDON              OHL        D             5’9.5″     174         54.75     Nice sharp wrist shot. Plays PK. Uses his stick quite a bit when on the other side of the puck; To maintain gaps, to disrupt the opponent’s stick handling, etc. Blocks lanes well. Very good skater. High end mobility. Can rush a puck with the best of them. Sees lanes and slices through them rapidly. Dynamic player.

42           LUKE GREEN       SAINT JOHN        QMJHL  D             6’0.25″  189         54.75     Not as good of a skater as teammate Thomas Chabot, but still VERY good, moves well and likes to join the rush. Still working on refining his defensive zone coverage, but lots of improvements there. Plus feet – mobile – goes backwards very well. Saint John may be turning into the Kelowna of the East.

43           MATT FILIPE       CEDAR RAPIDS  USHL     LW          6’1.5″     196         54.75     Enters the zone in support. Quick shot release. Above average stickhandler. Can dangle a bit. Has some jam in his game. Has soft hands. Low motor guy. Makes himself available for outlet passes but definitely conserves his energy.

44           CAM DINEEN     NORTH BAY        OHL        D             5’11.0″  183         54.5        Dineen has high end puck skills, and an advanced approach to the game, both helping to make up for lack of size and only average mobility. Dineen is incredible at escaping the forecheck and getting the puck up the ice. He is not the fastest skater on the ice, but his agility scores highly, which is more important for defenders. Dineen will be a top 4 defender in the NHL.

45           ADAM MASCHERIN        KITCHENER         OHL        LW          5’9.5″     206         54.5        Built like a fire hydrant, those who like Mascherin appreciate his hockey sense and puck skills. Thos who don’t knock his skating ability. All agree however, that he knows how to score.

46           JANNE KUOKKANEN       KARPAT JR.         FINLAND-JR.      LW          6’0.75″  175         54.5        Kuokkanen is a very smart player that has an extremely good vision of the game. His lack of physicality prevents him from being a top-round pick, but there definitely is NHL potential hiding underneath.

47           TAGE THOMPSON           U OF CONNECTICUT       H-EAST C             6’5.0″     185         54.25     Resposible in own zone. Subpar acceleration. Will finish his checks. Good sense for open space. Has a nose for the net and a solid-average snapshot. Was used to protect a one goal lead in final minute against a ranked opponent. Has good passing skills.

48           BRETT HOWDEN              MOOSE JAW       WHL       C             6’2.25″  193         54.25     Very quick and nimble despite size, definite power forward. Follows the play eagerly, usually heads to the net on and off the puck. Plays the game at a step above average speed. Good strong release. Offence is generated through relentless work ethic along boards or in front of the net. Persistent on the puck, everything is directed towards the net or the slot. Protects the puck well, gets low and has a low center of balance, like a big boulder. Decent passer but offense is a result of battles won, not outright skill or creativity. Deployed in d zone often, he’s a 200-foot player. Not afraid to block shots, does the “little things” right in defensive zone – ties up defenders, chips puck off-and-out, gets puck in open space for teammates to pick up, seems like he’s trying extra hard in his own end. Is this conscious? Makes solid, quick passes, distributed smartly, good decision making. PP defense.  Makes the simply play, isn’t bashful. Power forward. Ties up defenders. Coaches like players like Howden. Safe bet, does basically everything well, doesn’t have any glaring deficiencies, can produce and has size/good speed. This year’s Lawson Crouse.

49           JAMES GREENWAY         USA U-18             USHL     D             6’5.0″     213         54.25     Solid speed, especially for size. Hasn’t shown much of a shot yet. Will engage -power rush of the net displayed decent puck skills. Good vision for passes. On first team PK for USNTDP. Knock down defender. Good gap control. Keeps things tight at the back. Shows glimpses of dynamism that suggests he could be a true home run pick if developed right.

50           CARL GRUNDSTROM      MODO  SWEDEN              RW         6’0.0″     194         54.25     Good closing speed. Useful on forecheck. Will drive the net with his decent wheels. Can be disruptive. Grundström is a power forward in the making. I can see him becoming either a great compliment on a topline with two more skilled players or in a checking role. His abilities in front and around the crease makes me believe more in the complimentary role than the checking role. He is a good draft option as a second or third rounder because you know what you will be getting. He has the potential to become a regular NHL player but not certain enough that he has the elite potential teams look for in the first round.

51           DENNIS CHOLOWSKI      CHILLIWACK       BCHL      D             6’0.25″  170         54.25     Mobile and with very good puck skills for a blueliner. Senses offensive opportunities well and is solid in his own zone, very proficient with his stick. Very lean and it shows in his game as his physical side is undeveloped. Shot is OK, but I haven’t seen anything suggesting a rocket form the point.

52           JACOB MOVERARE          HV 71 JR.             SWEDEN-JR.       D             6’2.5″     198         54.25     Moverare is a defensive defenseman with good puck-mobility. Has leadership qualities and had a great performance at the U18 Worlds in April. Solid in all aspects of the game, but without any standout traits, Moverare had a strong season in the Swedish junior ranks and is ready to be tested at a higher level.

53           CARTER HART    EVERETT               WHL       G             6’0.5″     177         54.25     Quick up and down, good laterally. Good blocker. Seems to have trouble with glove side and left shoulder. Moves well, has quickness and is contained. On turnovers has trouble reacting. Clam, stands his ground. Not sure he anticipates plays all that well, relies on positioning size and good quickness, reactive. Big goaltender covers a ton of the net. Looks confident in net. Poised doesn’t overcommit, plays contained style appropriate for size. Sits deep in his net at times. Solid rebound control.

54           COLTON POINT CARLETON PLACE             CCHL      G             6’3.5″     219         54.25     A massive netminder, Point’s stock rose significantly with a monster postseason with Carleton Place, where he was practically unbeatable, helping scouts move past a disappointing WJAC.

55           ADAM FOX         USA U-18             USHL     D             5’10.25″                185         54           Good passer. Crisp, accurate. On first team PK. Wants the puck. Has some skill. Individual player. Speedy player. Plays PK. Uses stick well to defend. Can be lackadaisical under pressure. Good first few steps. Hits high speed within a few strides. Can pick a spot with his wrister when he steps up to between the hashmarks.

56           KALE CLAGUE    BRANDON           WHL       D             5’11.75″                177         54           Will join the rush when Brandon has extended possession. If last impressions count for much, Clague will long gone by this point in the draft, as he is following up a solid, if not spectacular regular season with a huge playoffs for Memorial Cup contender Brandon. He is a plus skater who can contribute at both ends of the ice.

57           HENRIK BORGSTROM    HIFK JR. FINLAND-JR.      C             6’3.0″     176         54           Aside from the physical aspect, Borgström is a complete package. He is a constant threat for the defenders with his great vision and quick and accurate wrist shot. If he could add more muscle and learn how to use his large frame, he could be very well turn out to be a steal in the upcoming draft. He has committed to University of Denver for next season.

58           LUCAS JOHANSEN           KELOWNA           WHL       D             6’1.25″  174         54           Johansen is a mobile defenseman that skates effortlessly around the ice, and plays soundly in his own end. He may not play physically, but makes up for it with intelligence and understanding of the game. He plays with his head up, reading plays and being able to anticipate and obstruct opponent’s movements. He is defensively sound in his own end, and plays a solid positional game. He’s a great puck moving defenseman with good vision and poise. He finds open lanes and makes smart outlet passes for quick transitions. He also likes to pinch and get involved in the rush. At times he gets hesitant, holds himself back, and makes smart reads on when to engage in the offensive zone and join the rush. He’s still young, but will surely develop physically to add strength, speed, and more confidence to his growing skill set.

59           ARTUR KAYUMOV          TEAM RUSSIA U18           RUSSIA-JR.          LW/RW 5’10.0″  158         54  Kayumov is an offensive dynamo with a good shot and who can skate very well. However, it’s still to be seen if his good production is more tied with his individual qualities or to his linemates (namely German Rubtsov). His offensive quality may get him some interest by NHL teams, but at this point he’s a long shot to make the NHL.

60           AAPELI RASANEN             TAPPARA JR.      FINLAND-JR.      C             6’0.0″     196         54           Has great vision and good awareness of the game. In general, the hockey IQ is high end, but none of his attributes projects to worse than average.

61           LOGAN STANLEY              WINDSOR            OHL        D             6’6.75″  220         53.75     Will engage in the offensive zone. Solid, sweeping wrist shot. Uses his stick to expand his reach on D.  Huge wingspan. Hands too stiff.

62           SEAN DAY           MISSISSAUGA    OHL        D             6’2.0″     224         53.75     Mobile, smooth skater, extra impressive at his gargatuan size with extra wide frame. Plays on PK. Is a skilled puck handler, who can run zone entries. Not as physical as you might expect. Soft almost. Gap control OK. If he gets his figure under control could be a beast. If not, still a very useful second pairing type with higher upside than most. Not a physical player, but built solid with a great center of balance. Will finish a check. Quick release on his slapper. Solid shot. Has some potential playing the puck. Good edges work.

63           EVAN SARTHOU               TRI-CITY               WHL       G             6’1.0″     186         53.75     Has the raw talent to be an effective goalie at the next level, deficiencies are coachable. Athletic and reflexive goaltender. Good mobility in his net, gets side to side quick. Has quick reflexes. Good glove, confident. Has decent footwork and works to make the big save. Anticipates shots well. Quick head, constant anticipation. Angles and positioning are off at times, should come out of his net more. Sits deep in net, relies on reflexes to make save. Routinely sends rebounds to corners. Decent puck management, good passer. Passes aren’t super accurate, usually just flung up the boards.

64           ZACHARY SAWCHENKO MOOSE JAW       WHL       G             6’0.0″     178         53.75     Big tender, has a quick glove. Comes out and challenges opponents, especially off the wing, knows how to cut off angles in low percentage situations, and does well to reduce rebounds in these situations. Quite reactive in “desperation” situations. Covers a ton of the net when down low, stretches out cerebrally, is calm and mechanical when making saves. Quick for a goaltender.

65           MAXIME FORTIER            HALIFAX               QMJHL  RW         5’10.0″  177         53.75     Good speed to the outside to beat defenders and a very quick release. Dazzling distributor of the puck. Creative. Determined. Great ability to find space and find open men. Very good shot if he is given space as well. Defense needs a lot of work, and he is not exactly a strong guy who will win you board or front net battles. Defense is a question, but the offense potential is massive.

66           GRAHAM MCPHEE          USA U-18             USHL     LW          5’11.25″                176         53.75     McPhee is a powerful skater who has the work ethic and diversity to become an efficient third liner at a higher level. He might not possess high-end scoring skills but he does all the little things right and has a good compete level. He will challenge opponents on a high level and give them a hard time on the ice. His playing style reminds of Arizona’s 2015 second round pick Christian Fischer. Committed to Boston College for the 2016-17 season.

67           SAMUEL GIRARD              SHAWINIGAN    QMJHL  D             5’9.5″     160         53.5        Extremely smooth skater, quick decision maker, very skilled with the puck. He’s small but he’s also way too skilled to be ignored. Highly mobile. Undersized but highly-intelligent puck moving defender who has great puck skills. He is an impressive skater in terms of speed and mobility. He has a strong vision and is able to make accurate passes to make an effective first pass.

68           DYLAN GAMBRELL           U OF DENVER    NCHC    C             5’11.75″                179         53.5        Good pivots. Enables him to get tight in forecheck. Good straight ahead speed with acceleration to split the D, good sense to find open seams in coverage. Quick shot release. In third year of eligibility, but put up better numbers and exhibited greater dynamism at highest level in first season of college hockey. Great late bloomer.

69           PASCAL LABERGE             VICTORIAVILLE  QMJHL  C             6’1.0″     162         53.5        Solid 200 ft game. Plays the point on the PP, good puck distributor and makes smart pinches. Intelligent player. Showed great hands. Danced around defender in high slot with very quick deke, stepped up into open ice and fired a snap shot past the goalie. Scored a second goal on a well-placed snapshot from a 45 degree angle to the net. No hesitation to block shots. A quick skater who possesses good vision and soft hands. Can beat goaltenders with his puckhandling skills and quick shot. A guy that has playmaking abilities, who can finish off plays as well as distribute the puck with accuracy.

70           VLADIMIR KUZNETSOV ACADIE-BATHURST         QMJHL  RW         6’2.0″     210         53.5        Big, strong and finding his stride in the Q after a bit of a slow start. Power forward that could be a force next season. Loves to go to the net hard.

71           ANDREW PEEKE                GREEN BAY         USHL     D             6’2.75″  205         53.5        Strong defensive player. Rocket point shot. Quick skater moving in all four directions. Good poke checker. Tight gaps. Good puck mover. Has a good first step, but can be beaten on a turn. Good outlet passer. Not a big puck carrier. 2 way Dman. Skates well. Uses stick well to defend. Good size, could be more physical. Showed decent shot.

72           BENJAMIN GLEASON      HAMILTON         OHL        D             6’0.0″     168         53.5        Uses stick when defending. Better defender once zone has been established than he is in defending a rush. Smooth and mobile skater. Top guy to begin a transition. Very comfortable carrying the puck out of his zone. A little slippery. Not a burner but pivots well. Strong puckhandler with wiggle. He is patient with the puck and doesn’t rush plays. Sees plays and lanes develop. Decent slap shot from the point with OK wrist shot as well. Poor one-on-one technique. Lunges for puck and loses positioning. Needs to keep inside lane and ride opponent to the outside, slow him down instead. Upper body strength lacking, allowing him to be shrugged off. Smarts high with the puck, but low without. Does not play on PK. Notes about bad defensive habits. Too much pinching, poor play decisions, misreads in his own zone. Physicality gets E for effort, but C- for effect. Anticipation of muscle buildup over time.

73           COLE CANDELLA               HAMILTON         OHL        D             6’1.0″     189         53.5        Slow trigger. All around defender who does everything at a solid level, but excels nowhere. Otherwise good numbers held back by injury problems in draft year.

74           JESPER BRATT    AIK         SWEDEN-2          LW/RW 5’9.75″  171         53.5        Jesper Bratt is a great Swedish prospect with NHL potential but needs to get more effective to reach it. Bratt is the kind of player that is entertaining to watch and can really stand out in games. But when it’s all said and done he was “only” 13th in points on his team in the regular season and had no points in the post season. Sure, he played with and against grown men as a 17 year-old the whole season but in the U18 world juniors he was only ranked 7th in points on the Swedish team. There is no question that Bratt has great potential but there are yet question marks on how he will be able to compensate for his lack of size with his speed and skills to become a strong offensive player in the future. For the NHL draft I see him going somewhere in the second half of the draft.

75           TARMO REUNANEN        TPS JR.  FINLAND-JR.      D             5’11.75″                178         53.5        When it comes to vision and hockey IQ, Reunanen is one of the top D-men in his draft class. He missed a big chunk this season due to an injury, which made his draft stock drop quite a bit and also was a set-back on his physical development. He should still be an intriguing target for teams in later rounds.

76           TIMOTHY GETTINGER    SAULT STE. MARIE           OHL        LW          6’5.25″  206         53.25     Massive winger had a disappointing draft year after intriguing in his rookie year with Sault Ste. Marie. Plus shot, puck skills and hockey IQ suggest a promising upside at this stage of the draft.

77           OTTO MAKINEN                               TAPPARA JR.      FINLAND-JR.      C             6’0.75″  178         53.25     Otto Makinen’s biggest upside is his strong overall game. He can be effective in all three zones and has the ability to finish off plays and set up scoring chances. He has not always convinced me in all of my viewings and has shown some inconsistency in his play from tournament to tournament. However, he is a guy that has the playmaking skills, two-way ability and scoring touch to become an efficient player at a higher level than juniors. Expect him to make his debut in the Finnish men’s league next year.

78           FILIP GUSTAVSSON         LULEA JR.             SWEDEN-JR.       G             6’1.5″     184         53.25     Gustavsson is the best Swedish goalie prospect in the upcoming draft. He has already played more than a handful games in the SHL and performed well at that level. His vision seems to do him better when he gets to a higher level where the game is more structured. I can’t yet see a potential of becoming an elite goaltender in the NHL, though. He mostly needs to get much quicker and more agile to control the speed of today’s NHL game. His vision is an upside and he is still very young. I could see him go somewhere in the 2-4 rounds of the draft depending how willingly the teams are on drafting goalies this year.

79           WILLIAM LOCKWOOD   USA U-18             USHL     RW         5’11.25″                172         53.25     Solid average skater. Good PK player. Lazy passing led to an ugly turnover. Decent wall game. In general, pretty physical. Frequent hitter. Very tenacious player with pest tendencies. Solid at puck possession. Quick hands. Can withstand close checking without coughing it up. Works to get into shooting position. Solid head man passer. Can handle the puck.

80           BRANDON SAIGEON       HAMILTON         OHL        C             6’1.0″     197         53.25     Nice wrist shot. Very disappointing numbers with a young Hamilton Bulldogs squad, but Saigeon still as the pedigree that saw him drafted fourth overall in the OHL Priority draft and will still show occasional flashes of tantalizing puck skills.

81           JORDAN KYROU               SARNIA OHL        C             6’0.0″     178         53           Top speed is only average, but has a good first few steps. Made a fantastic set up pass from corner – spun off defender and hit his teammate streaking down the other wing on the tape.  Jordan Kyrou could be a decent 3rd or 4th line player in the NHL, but he needs to advance his puck handling abilities more to adapt to the faster pace of professional hockey. He is a decent player away from the puck covering all zones on the ice.

82           CAMERON MORRISON  YOUNGSTOWN USHL     LW          6’2.25″  200         53           Has finishing touch. Good feet. Skating is average, but first step allows it to play up. Created play through wheeling and work behind the net. One of the younger players eligible for this year’s draft – a few weeks younger and he would not have been eligible until 2017.

83           NATHAN BASTIAN           MISSISSAUGA    OHL        RW         6’3.75″  208         53           Can swim. Useful in tight. Plays PK. Slow acceleration, mediocre top speed. Plays well with others – not selfish. High hockey IQ trumps less impressive offensive skills.

84           NOAH GREGOR MOOSE JAW       WHL       C             5’11.25″                180         53           Has a good engine. Head up. Looking for pass outlets. Can function from behind the net. Plus shooter. Saw goalie dip his shoulder and roofed it to the top of the net.

85           MIKHAIL MALTSEV          TEAM RUSSIA U18           RUSSIA-JR.          LW          6’3.0″     198         53

Maltsev’s size and high work rate will go a long way for him regarding his future development. He also showed some interesting offensive potential, even if he is not the dynamo that many Russian players are. He has all the tools to become a versatile player at any level of pro hockey, even if he doesn’t have top-end talent.

86           DMITRI ALEXEYEV           TEAM RUSSIA U18           RUSSIA-JR.          D             6’0.0″     191         53           An intelligent player with a good two-way game, Alexeyev has some interesting potential, especially considering his size, skating, and defensive play. He has some offensive potential that won’t get overlooked, even if that is not his first quality.

87           RILEY STILLMAN                               OSHAWA             OHL        D             6’0.5″     180         52.75     Plays much bigger than his height/weight. REALLY good mobility on the back end as well. Side to side, backwards, first three steps, all excellent. Hockey sense and gap control seem very good. Offensive skills and shooting not fully developed yet but looks to be potential. Nice low slapper and wrist shot. Smart in how he uses them. Toolsy player with a lot of upside. Son of Corey Stillman, Riley possesses good puck handling skating skills to stand out as a high defensive prospect. Skating is fast and affective against transitional plays, while doing a good job of using his physical side to change the tone of the game.

88           ADAM BROOKS REGINA WHL       C             5’10.25″                174         52.75     Exploded offensively in his third year of draft eligibility, leading the WHL in scoring with 120 points, including 82 assists in 72 games. All of his offensive tools rate as plus.

89           JOSEPH ANDERSON        USA U-18             USHL     RW         5’11.0″  192         52.75     Below average top speed. Good small area movements, though – such as in his own zone. Keeps his feet moving. Shot is pretty good. Great body positioning. plays PK. Solid puck distribution skills. Able to drive the net effectively. Has quick hands, can skate through a scrum and walk out with the puck. Will finish checks, but not every time, doesn’t go out of his way to engage physically. Plays in the dirty areas. Good battling for space in the crease.

90           CLIFF PU              LONDON              OHL        RW         6’1.5″     192         52.75     Very good acceleration. Gets to a high end top speed very quickly. Patient with the puck. Can be hard on the puck as well – tough to dislodge from it.  Really impressive puck protection ability. Plays PK.

91           LUCAS CARLSSON            BRYNAS   SWEDEN            D             6’0.0″     189         52.75     He started this season with the junior team but was promoted in November and then stayed the whole season in SHL. He played 16 minutes per game in SHL and in the playoffs he played 22 minutes per game. His smartness and mobility helped him in the transition to the pro level fast. His skills and shot helped to score some goals as well. He actually scored an award winning highlight goal. Carlsson is a two-way defenseman and for such a young player he has handled the defensive side of the game really well. He was actually used more on the penalty kill than the power play in SHL. For NHL prospecting, which is to put the player in to a future role in NHL, Carlsson isn’t a sure success. All of his attributes have NHL potential, but his offensive game doesn’t have the edge you need to have a productive role on a power play. He isn’t strong enough to be a defensive shutdown type of player either. Carlsson is a modern, mobile and smart two-way defenseman who could play on a second or a third pairing. He can play on both the left and right side. He can be used on both the power play and penalty kill but not as the go-to-guy.

92           CONNOR BUNNAMAN  KITCHENER         OHL        C             6’1.0″     207         52.75     A pretty safe pick for this stage of the draft. Does everything well, but nothing exceptionally. Fairly likely to graduate to a depth role at the higher levels.

93           TANNER LACZYNSKI        LINCOLN              USHL     C             6’0.5″     190         52.5        Quick hands, strong on faceoffs. Clever passes and chips. Skating is smooth but not seeing an extra gear or acceleration. Has a nose for the puck.  Pass before shoot. Wrist shot is meh. Great passer. Converted a 2-on-1 break with a backhand. Will fight through a check. The whole is greater the sum of the parts with Laczynski.

94           BORIS KATCHOUK           SAULT STE. MARIE           OHL        LW          6’1.0″     181         52.5         While nothing really jumps off the page with Katchouk, he does a lot of things really well. A multi-faceted, all-around forward. Skating and hockey IQ are both plusses.

95           JAMES SANCHEZ              USA U-18             USHL     LW          6’1.25″  184         52.5        Average skater. On first team PK. Will try to line up big hits. Decent wrister. Skating maybe not quite average. Can be caught from behind. Solid passing skills. Can skate with the puck and protect. Solid wrist shot. Release is average, but power is sneaky good.

96           ROSS COLTON   CEDAR RAPIDS  USHL     LW          6’0.0″     190         52.25     Good quickness.  Very quick release, strong wrist shot on the second goal. Solid wrist shot. Having MVP game (Top Prospect Game). Has an extra half gear. Reads goalie well to place his shots. Sneaky speed and a fantastic wrist shot – quick release, tremendous power and can pick a spot. Good balance. Solid open ice hit did not knock him down. Late bloomer in third year of draft eligibility.

97           MARKUS NIEMELAINEN SAGINAW           OHL        D             6’4.75″  189         52.25     Has a solid point shot. The Finnish defender Niemelainen is a smooth skating mobile defenseman that has great size and strength and is a solid 2-way defenseman.

98           JACOB CEDERHOLM        HV 71 JR.             SWEDEN-JR.       D             6’3.5″     187         52.25     Don’t expect any offensive upside from Cederholm, as this will probably never be an area where he will excel. Cederholm is a stay-at-home defenceman who keeps the game very simple and plays a very reliable own zone game. He is an outstanding leader and is way ahead of the other 2016-draft eligibles in this area. His body and mindset is very advanced and it is no surprise he has already played in some games in the highest Swedish league. This will help him to gain more strength and experience which will make him one of the more advanced players in the 2016 draft in terms of readiness. I do see Cederholm getting drafted somewhere in the second round, most probably mid or late that round.

99           JACOB NEVEU   ROUYN-NORANDA          QMJHL  D             6’1.5″     206         52.25     Good size and physicality. Key member of the PK unit as a 17-year-old on a top team. Shot is mediocre. Even though he skated in to past the faceoff circle, the power was below average and it was shot right into the pads. Barely made the goalie move. Defends his house. Will sometimes go for the big hit instead of containing his man. Can lead to being burned on a rush. Average skater. Can shut down an opposing rusher. Will clog the lanes.

100         AXEL JONSSON FJALLBY    DJURGARDEN JR.          SWEDEN-JR.       LW          6’0.0″     170         52.25     Good motor, quick and always in motion. Sees the ice well when his team is on the puck. Good passing skills. Plays some PK.

101         EETU TUULOLA HPK JR. FINLAND-JR.      RW         6’2.0″     227         52.25

102         MAXIME LAJOIE               SWIFT CURRENT               WHL       D             6’1.0″     183         52

103         HAYDEN VERBEEK            SAULT STE. MARIE           OHL        C             5’9.25″  177         52

104         OTTO KOIVULA ILVES JR.               FINLAND-JR.      LW          6’3.75″  219         52

105         CHAD KRYS         USA U-18             USHL     D             5’11.0″  185         52

106         CASEY FITZGERALD         BOSTON COLLEGE            H-EAST D             5’10.5″  186         52

107         LUKE MCINNIS  YOUNGSTOWN USHL     D             5’9.5″     167         52

108         COLIN GRANNARY          MERRITT              BCHL      C             6’0.0″     170         52

109         GUSTAF WESTLUND       THE GUNNERY  HIGH-CT               C             5’11.0″  159         52

110         JACKSON MACNAB         CULVER ACADEMY           HIGH-IN               RW         6’5″        202         52

111         MATTHEW PHILLIPS       VICTORIA            WHL       C             5’6″        140         51.75

112         CONNOR BLEACKLEY      RED DEER             WHL       C             6’0.0″     192         51.75

113         DMITRY SOKOLOV           SUDBURY            OHL        RW         5’11.25″                220         51.5

114         TYLER STEENBERGEN     SWIFT CURRENT               WHL       C             5’10”      181         51.5

115         GRANT JOZEFEK               LINCOLN              USHL     RW         5’10.0″  170         51.5

116         KASPER BJORKQVIST      BLUES JR.             FINLAND-JR.      RW         6’1.0″     198         51.5

117         LIBOR HAJEK      SASKATOON      WHL       D             6’2.0″     185         51.5

118         OTTO SOMPPI   HALIFAX               QMJHL  C             6’0.75″  179         51.5

119         ONDREJ VALA    KAMLOOPS        WHL       D             6’4.5″     207         51.5

120         MICHAEL O’LEARY           DUBUQUE           USHL     C             6′ 1.5″   196         51.5

121         NOLAN STEVENS              NORTHEASTERN               H-EAST C             6’3″        183         51.5

122         ASHTON ALTMANN        DULUTH-EAST HS             HIGH-MN            RW         6’2″        174         51.5

123         CONNOR INGRAM          KAMLOOPS        WHL       G             6’0.5″     212         51.25

124         MITCHELL MATTSON      GRAND RAPIDS HIGH-MN            C             6’4.0″     186         51.25

125         ALEXANDER YAKOVENKO            TEAM RUSSIA U18           RUSSIA-JR.          D             5’11.0″  172         51.25

126         JOSEPH WOLL    USA U-18             USHL     G             6’2.5″     198         51.25

127         NATHAN CLURMAN        CULVER ACADEMY           HIGH-IN               D             6’2″        190         51.25

128         ADAM KARASHIK             CHICAGO             USHL     D             5’10.5″  174         51.25

129         JONATHAN ANG              PETERBOROUGH              OHL        C             5’11.25″                165         51

130         JOONA KOPPANEN         ILVES JR.               FINLAND-JR.      LW          6’4.5″     192         51

131         TY RONNING     VANCOUVER     WHL       RW         5’8.75″  165         51

132         ONDREJ NAJMAN            JIHLAVA JR.         CZREP-JR.            LW          6’1.0″     187         51

133         BRANDON GIGNAC         SHAWINIGAN    QMJHL  C             5’10.5″  173         51

134         COLLIN ADAMS MUSKEGON       USHL     LW          5’9″        179         51

135         OSKAR STEEN    FARJESTAD JR.   SWEDEN-JR.       C             5’9.0″     188         51

136         MAREK ZACHAR               LIBEREC JR.         CZREP-JR.            LW          5’8″        146         51

137         VLADIMIR BOBYLEV        VICTORIA            WHL       RW         6’2″        202         51

138         GABRIEL SYLVESTRE        SHAWINIGAN    QMJHL  D             6’3.0″     190         51

139         FREDERIC ALLARD            CHICOUTIMI      QMJHL  D             6’1.0″     179         50.75

140         FILIP HRONEK    HR. KRALOVE     CZREP   D             6’0.0″     163         50.75

141         BECK MALENSTYN           CALGARY             WHL       LW          6’1.75″  191         50.75

142         LINUS LINDSTROM          SKELLEFTEA JR.  SWEDEN-JR.       C             5’11.25″                164         50.75

143         NIKITA MAKEYEV             TEAM RUSSIA U18           RUSSIA-JR.          D             5’9″        172         50.75

144         JUHA JAASKA    HIFK JR. FINLAND-JR.      LW/RW 5’11.75″                187         50.75

145         IGOR SHVYREV MAGNITOGORSK 2          RUSSIA-JR.          C             6’0.0″     191         50.75

146         DYLAN WELLS    PETERBOROUGH              OHL        G             6’1.5″     187         50.75

147         JULIUS MATTILA               ILVES JR.               FINLAND JR.       C             5’10”      158         50.75

148         JORDAN STALLARD          CALGARY             WHL       C             6’2.0″     188         50.75

149         REILLY PICKARD                ACADIE-BATHURST         QMJHL  G             6’0″        175         50.75

150         BRAYDEN BURKE              LETHBRIDGE       WHL       LW          5’9.75″  160         50.5

151         ANDREI SVETLAKOV       CSKA     RUSSIA RW         6’0.0″     200         50.5

152         TYLER NOTHER WINDSOR            OHL        D             6’4″        198         50.5

153         JUSTIN MURRAY              BARRIE OHL        D             5’11.5″  179         50.5

154         MATHIAS FROM               ROGLE JR.            SWEDEN-JR.       LW/RW 6’1.0″     187         50.25

155         REID GARDINER                PRINCE ALBERT WHL       RW         5’10.5″  193         50.25

156         BROGAN O’BRIEN            PRINCE GEORGE               WHL       LW          6’2.25″  189         50.25

157         TOMAS SOUSTAL             KELOWNA           WHL       C             6’3.0″     198         50.25

158         NICK SWANEY   WATERLOO         USHL     RW         5’10”      165         50.25

159         MARKUS NURMI              TPS JR.  FINLAND-JR.      RW         6’4″        176         50.25

160         SIMON STRANSKY           PRINCE ALBERT WHL       LW          5’11.5″  171         50.25

161         VEINI VEHVILAINEN       JYP         FINLAND              G             6’1.0″     183         50.25

162         JACK WALKER    VICTORIA            WHL       LW          5’11”      179         50.25

163         SCOTT PERUNOVICH      HIBBING/CHISHOLM      HIGH-MN            D             5’9.0″     154         50.25

164         BRANDON DUHAIME     TRI-CITY               USHL     RW         6’0″        198         50

165         DAVID QUENNEVILLE     MEDICINE HAT  WHL       D             5’8.0″     182         50

166         SAM ROSSINI     WATERLOO         USHL     D             6’2.25″  197         50

167         TANNER KASPICK             BRANDON           WHL       C             6’0.25″  200         50

168         NICHOLAS CAAMANO   FLINT     OHL        RW         6’0.5″     188         50

169         JOSEPH RAAYMAKERS   SAULT STE. MARIE           OHL        G             6’0.25″  185         50

170         NIKOLAJ KRAG CHRISTENSEN     RODOVRE            DENMARK           C             5’11.0″  176         50

171         JACK LAFONTAINE           JANESVILLE         NAHL     G             6’3.0″     197         50

172         NOLAN VOLCAN               SEATTLE               WHL       LW          5’8.5″     194         49.75

173         RYELY MCKINSTRY          VANCOUVER     WHL       D             6′ 0.75″ 197         49.75

174         OLIVIER GALIPEAU          VAL-D’OR            QMJHL  D             6’0.75″  203         49.75

175         TYLER SOY          VICTORIA            WHL       C             6’0″        174         49.75

176         TY EDMONDS    PRINCE GEORGE               WHL       G             6’1.75″  181         49.75

177         DYLAN COGHLAN            TRI-CITY               WHL       D             6’1.75″  190         49.5

178         JESPER MATTILA               ILVES JR.               FINLAND-JR.      D             5’10”      174         49.5

179         ANATOLY GOLYSHEV     YEKATERINBURG              RUSSIA LW          5’8″        179         49.5

180         MATT GOSIEWSKI           CEDAR RAPIDS  USHL     C             6’3.75″  220         49.5

181         CONNOR HALL  KITCHENER         OHL        D             6’2″        190         49.25

182         STEPAN FALKOVSKY       OTTAWA              OHL        D             6’7.0″     224         49.25

183         PATRICK BAJKOV             EVERETT               WHL       LW          5’11.5″  175         49.25

184         GIVAN SMITH    GUELPH               OHL        RW         6’1.5″     204         49.25

185         MITCHELL CHAFFEE        BLOOMINGTON USHL     RW         5’11”      198         49.25

186         DANIIL MIROMANOV    ACADIE-BATHURST         QMJHL  LW          6’3.5″     185         49.25

187         MITCHELL BALMAS         CHARLOTTETOWN           QMJHL  C             6’0.0″     180         49.25

188         EVAN CORMIER                 SAGINAW           OHL        G             6’2.75″  202         49.25

189         PATRICK HARPER             OMAHA               USHL     C             5’7.0″     146         49.25

190         VINCENT DESHARNAIS  PROVIDENCE     H-EAST D             6′ 5.75″ 207         49.25

191         AEXANDER POLUNIN     YAROSLAVL        RUSSIA LW          5’8.0″     161         49.25

192         COLBY SISSONS SWIFT CURRENT               WHL       D             6’1″        168         49

193         TAYLOR RADDYSH           ERIE       OHL        RW         6’1.75″  203         49

194         VOJTECH BUDIK                PRINCE ALBERT WHL       D             6’1.0″     189         49

195         WILLIAM KNIERIM          DUBUQUE           USHL     RW         6’2.75″  210         49

196         TIM WAHLGREN              MODO JR.            SWEDEN-JR.       C             6’0.0″     178         49

197         DANIEL MARMENLIND  OREBRO JR.        SWEDEN-JR.       G             6’1.0″     191         49

198         MARCO MIRANDA          GCK ZURICH JR. SWISS-JR.            LW          6’2.5″     194         49

199         TIM SODERLUND              SKELLEFTEA JR.  SWEDEN-JR.       C             5’9.0″     163         49

200         GRIFFIN LUCE    USA U-18             USHL     D             6’3.0″     217         49

201         KYLE MAKSIMOVICH      ERIE       OHL        LW          5’8.5″     172         49

202         SEBASTIAN REPO             PELICANS            FINLAND              RW         6’2.5″     189         49

203         JEFFREY TRUCHON VIEL                ACADIE-BATHURST         QMJHL  LW          6’0″        196         49

204         JORDAN MAHER              ACADIE-BATHURST         QMJHL  C/RW    5’11.0″  175         49

205         YEGOR KORSHKOV         YAROSLAVL        RUSSIA RW         6’4.0″     180         48.75

206         TOBIAS EDER      BAD TOLZ            GERMANY-3       RW         5’11.75″                176         48.75

207         CARSEN TWARYNSKI      CALGARY             WHL       LW          6’2.0″     198         48.75

208         NICK PASTUJOV               USA U-18             USHL     LW          6’0.0″     202         48.75

209         DANIEL KUROVSKY         VITKOVICE JR.    CZREP-JR.            RW         6’3.75″  198         48.75

210         TROY TIMPANO                SUDBURY            OHL        G             6’0.5″     186         48.75

211         LUKAS KALBLE   MANNHEIM JR. GERMANY-JR.   D             6’2.0″     194         48.75

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