First half injury/performance charts, Central Division

A full explanation of these charts can be found on my post on the Pacific Division.

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Chicago Blackhawks (first-half aggregates – MGL: 94, CHIP: $2.12M)


Making the heroic assumption that the Blackhawks were not massively affected by the injury to Mike Kostka, the only non-goalie absences of significant length have been those of Bryan Bickell (14 games) and Michal Handzus (15), neither of which especially knocked the team’s elite possession numbers, funnily enough.

Colorado Avalanche (MGL: 69, CHIP: $2.57M)


Not a whole lot going on injury-wise, other than those to Alex Tanguay (28) and Ryan Wilson (24). The precipitous decline over the last 10-12 games of the first half presumably more due to a reversal of PDO fortunes than changes in injury luck.

Dallas Stars (MGL: 80, CHIP: $3.09M)


A steadily solid possession team, extremely healthy over the first 20 games, then seemingly coping pretty well with missing three top-six D over much of the period since – Stephane Robidas from game 25, Trevor Daley from game 28 and Sergei Gonchar from game 36.

Minnesota Wild (MGL: 94, CHIP: $2.23M)


Look what happened as soon as Mike Rupp made it back onto the roster from game 25…

Nashville Predators (MGL: 87, CHIP: $4.70m)


Pretty healthy in general if it weren’t for that pesky injury to Pesky Pekka Rinne (Mazanec/Hutton not proving to be a Scrivens/Jones). 56.8% 5v5 close FF% in the three games Shea Weber missed FWIW (though with a record of 0-2-1).

St. Louis Blues (MGL: 93, CHIP: $2.32M)


Another Central team with a recent possession slump, although at least the start of this appears to pre-date the more recent spate of injuries, including those to David Backes, Alex Steen, Vladimir Sobotka, and Roman Polak over the final 10 games of the first half.

Winnipeg Jets (MGL: 140, CHIP: $3.41m)


Significant numbers of games missed by Jacob Trouba (17), Jim Slater (33), Mark Stuart (13), Paul Postma (29), and Zach Bogosian (16) have not derailed the Jets’ continued run as a mediocre-to-poor team (if jets could either be derailed or run).

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