First half injury/performance charts, Atlantic Division

Full explanation of these charts can be found on my post on the Pacific Division.

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Boston Bruins (first-half aggregates – MGL: 123, CHIP: $4.54M)


A healthy team over the first 29 games (with the bulk of the CHIP attributable to Marc Savard), the quiet game 29 against the Penguins resulted in Loui Eriksson’s second concussion, Chris Kelly’s broken leg, and Shawn Thornton’s appointment with his lawyers. Dougie Hamilton and Daniel Paille got hurt a game later, which we might as well blame on the Penguins, too. None of which has impacted much on the team’s improving possession numbers.

Buffalo Sabres (MGL: 96, CHIP: $2.38M)


I couldn’t find any good players on the injury list, so marvel instead at Ted Nolan’s re-appointment before game 21 dragging the team up from “putrid” to “might beat the Leafs on a good night”.

Detroit Red Wings (MGL: 155, CHIP: $6.05M)


All downhill after the 10 minutes of score-close play in game 1, but tending to keep their heads above 50% FF water despite 10-game plus absences of Darren Helm (25), Stephen Weiss (15), Danny DeKeyser (15), Jonathan Ericsson (12), Henrik Zetterberg (11), Patrick Eaves (11), and Johan Franzen (11). Seems to be a noticeable possession dip around the time Pavel Datsyuk (games 25-31) and Zetterberg (games 29-39) were out.

Florida Panthers (MGL: 129, CHIP: $4.17M)


An improving team after a tough start, most injuries suffered by the team have been relatively brief, with the exception of Ed Jovanovski missing the entire first half and Sean Bergenheim missing the first 10 games.

Montreal Canadiens (MGL: 138, CHIP: $3.11M)


Conversely, the Canadiens have been trending downwards despite much better health in the second quarter than the first.

Ottawa Senators (MGL: 25, CHIP: $0.72M)


Last year: The most significantly injured team in the league, but surprisingly successful. This year: Almost perfect health, but an unexpected struggle, although signs looking better over the final 10 games of the first half.

Tampa Bay Lightning (MGL: 207, CHIP: $6.93M)


Basically next to no injuries for 17 games (most of the CHIP down to Mattias Ohlund and Brian Lee), then…a bit different. The indisputable takeaway here: Stamkos sucks.

Toronto Maple Leafs (MGL: 121, CHIP: $3.97M)


Despite the apparent belief of some Leafs fans (and quite possibly their entire 400-strong front office and coaching staff) that Tyler Bozak and Dave Bolland being hurt (a) made the team the most injury-hit in the league and (b) turned them from a top-echelon contender to a bubble team, to be blunt, (a) it didn’t and (b) it didn’t. However, we can all agree that the value of the combined 22 games missed by Colton Orr and Fraser McLaren is not accurately measurable by any metric.

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