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HPSTATSHockey Prospectus is now hosting advanced hockey stats, along with Tom Awad’s weekly GVT ratings.

The stats page at Hockey Prospectus has one of the most comprehensive collections of stats on the internet, and also includes stats exclusive to our site including Rob Vollman’s passes and pass to shot ratio, block% and corsi, fenwick and goal values. You can find a glossary below the statistics.

These value stats are a sort of adjusted +/- . It simply takes the difference in percentage between the team’s differential with the player on the ice and off, and multiplies the difference by the number of events the player was on ice for. It gives you a solid idea of just how his relative differential, a rate stat, has contributed in real on-ice numbers.

You can filter these stats a variety of ways without even needing to refresh the page. Want to see how Jason Spezza does while leading relative to trailing? In the playoffs? Even strength? You can query these advanced stats in ways you can’t anywhere else.¬†You can go all the way back to the first season the NHL provided the raw data needed for the calculation of these stats, the 2007/2008 season, playoffs included.

There is a ton of stuff here to explore, and we will be including more and more content on these pages, including visualizations, team stats and goalie stats, as well as new statistics to accompany what we already have in the player pages.

I’d like to thank the Hockey Prospectus crew for giving me a place to do this project, Rob Tufts for all of his invaluable help on the Tableau side of things, and in particular my dad Jonathan Pfeffer, a guy who I introduced the idea of using Python to rip the NHL gamesheets on a Friday and got back to me with a working script on ¬†Monday. This started as a summer project for us and I’m glad it’s found a place here.

Hockey Prospectus has been and continues to be an excellent source of hockey analysis, and I hope now you can come here for your statistics and graphs (forthcoming!) as well.

About Matt Pfeffer

Matt Pfeffer is a contributor to The Hockey News and Hockey Prospectus, where he also manages the statistics on the site. He is the statistical analyst of the Ottawa 67's of the Ontario Hockey League, and has consulted for several pro hockey teams.

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  1. Hi, love the new stats there amazing! Thank you for this. My only issue is that i am not sure what all the acronyms mean and would love to see perhaps a glossary on the new site here, or have the stats page set up that when you click on the stats it says pass-to-shot ratio rather than PSR.

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