A letter from Hockey Prospectus’ new Managing Editor

Hello all,

I’m proud to announce that I have been named Managing Editor of Hockey Prospectus. Before any of the “what’s next” stuff, I’d like to thank Editor-in-Chief and my friend Timo Seppa for giving me this opportunity now and the chance to write and produce podcasts here at HP over the past four years. Another thanks goes to previous editor Ryan Schwepfinger, who did a fantastic job as Managing Editor while the site was going through a lot of changes. His role in putting out our last book, Hockey Prospectus 2013-14, was huge, and he should be greatly appreciated for his efforts.

In the same way that every new general manager comes in and talks big about how he’s going to create a new culture, hold people accountable and be aggressive, I’d like to make a few (less) bold statements about where Hockey Prospectus is headed:

First, we plan to add writers. We have an amazing group of brilliant contributors and would like to find the next group that will impact the way people view and think about hockey. We’ll be putting out information on Twitter @hockeyprospectus very soon about how writers can get on board. With more writers, more content will be available to our loyal readers.

Speaking of content, I’ll be doing a (mostly) daily podcast – sometimes alone, sometimes with interviews. I hope you all have enjoyed the ones I’ve been putting out, and I am happy to be bringing more. There will be more to announce in terms of changes as we go along.

In a broader, more philosophical sense, I’d like to see Hockey Prospectus grow into a go-to voice for hockey analytics discussion and in-depth analysis. You’ve probably noticed that a growing number of folks are using stats like Offensive Zone Starts, Corsi, Quality of Competition and such things, which has been been super cool to see, but there’s so much more to statistical analysis and scouting than taking two or three stats and making judgments about players, general managers, or coaches. I feel that our current staff does a tremendous job of recognizing this and pushing harder to get answers. I hope that during my time as Managing Editor, we can cut to an even deeper level of analysis and make our audience think harder about the game with every article.

Thanks again to all those who support Hockey Prospectus.

Matthew Coller, Managing Editor

*I’d also like to note that I will be continuing my current employment with WGR550 in Buffalo, the flagship station of the Buffalo Sabres. So, never fear, Buffalo fans!*

Matthew Coller is host of Hockey Prospectus Radio, producer of the Howard Simon Show on Buffalo’s WGR550 and their Rochester Amerks reporter, and a multi-sport play-by-play announcer.


Follow Matthew on Twitter at @MatthewWGR.

2 thoughts on “A letter from Hockey Prospectus’ new Managing Editor

  1. Sounds great, Matthew! I absolutely look forward to seeing the information about new writers and the fruits of that labor!

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